Author Topic: Feds Want to Keep Any Mention of 'Fast And Furious' Out of El Chapo's Drug Traff  (Read 324 times)

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Wait...when someone goes crazy with a firearm and murders or even commits a crime with a firearm the government always wants to know where the firearm came from and what course of action took place in that crime.  After all isn't that the reason they want to register, regulate, and monitor gun sales so the bad guys don't get their hands on any firearms. They even go as far as charging the person that sold the firearm to the bad guys.....except when it's them doing the guns sales to the bad guys. Now that 'Fast And Furious' can be tied directly to The El Chapo trial the feds are calling their own tactic dirty pool. "The bad cops (ATF) says no way Jose...check the gonads these feds have with a letter to the Judge addressing this issue....

"The defendant is charged with possessing and using firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking activities; however, any details of the Operation itself would have no bearing on whether the defendant or his associates possessed or used the firearms in question."

Wait you guys gave them the guns and they committed crimes with these guns....!

Here is the letter:

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Hey, a lot of El Chapo's gang committed murders with chain saws and blow torches so its covered.
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