Author Topic: Everybody should know the latest on what George W. Bush is doing for wounded war  (Read 601 times)

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Everybody should know the latest on what George W. Bush is doing for wounded warriors -

...Several media outlets are focused on the former president’s comments, regrading the “indispensable” nature of the media to democracy, in light of souring relations between the Trump White House and the press. The important part of the interview, however, is what President Bush is doing for our veterans: raising awareness for veterans’ issues like job placement and dealing with post-traumatic stress.

He joined the Today show hosts for a Facebook Live after his interview to further discuss his book.

“The idea of painting Vets who had been hurt as a result of my command popped into my mind because I wanted to pay tribute to them but I also wanted to raise awareness to the issues they’re dealing with,” Bush said....

“Our vets are a tremendous national asset,” Bush said, appearing alongside several veterans during the interview. “Each one of these four has got a Ph. D. in life at a young age. And to be able to translate those skills to help our country prosper or help our country become more compassionate is a very important opportunity.”

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President Bush was always supportive of the troops, whether those
he sent to war, or otherwise.
That's the New York Media Pres. Bush is talking to, called, at one time the Fourth Estate,  which, I take, meant  the fourth branch of government, something akin to a fusion of church and state.
It sounds like Mr. Bush is trying to tell the TV, in a nice way, to pack the tent and clear out; they're finished. Plainly, easier said than done. We have this new media in the wings. We have these new ideologies forming. Now is the time for a new approach.
I could write a book on how the media and Washington took over the civil rights movement of the 1960's, having no idea of what was needed or what was going on, corrupted and perverted it to their own purposes, and led us into spending sixty years just to get to back to the point where we were at the turn of the century (1890, that is) when people of good will were in dialogue.


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