Author Topic: DNC Has Yet to Give $10 Million Promised for Party Rebuilding Efforts  (Read 378 times)

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In an attempt to rejuvenate the beleaguered Democratic party, DNC national chairman Tom Perez announced $10 million for state parties in hopes that the surge of cash would help rebuild the party after embarrassing 2016 losses across the board against the GOP. Yet, many state leaders are now worried that that money is never going to actually come, reports Vice News.

“What our fear is, is that no matter how high this wave is in 2018, that we won’t have the ability to take advantage of that and win governors races, congressional races, and state legislative races that would normally be out of reach but could be competitive,” Ray Buckley, New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman,  told VICE News.

Democrats, who are hoping for a blue wave in response to Anti-Trump sentiment across the country, have struggled continuously with fundraising efforts since he end of 2016. As noted by Vice, the Democrat party did not even have $10 million on hand last November 30th. They had a measly $6.4 million compared to the GOP’s $39.8 million cash.

To make matters worse, according to Vice’s sources, DNC Chairman Perez hates his role. “Tom is just really miserable in the job, which is part of why it’s not going well,” said one Democratic official who has worked with Perez. “He hates the fundraising and says no to so much of the fundraising even though they are obviously not in good shape financially.”

Looks like the Clintons and Obama are still controlling the party.

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Re: DNC Has Yet to Give $10 Million Promised for Party Rebuilding Efforts
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I'd think that's going to legal fees...
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