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Author Topic: Constitutional Amendments  (Read 4055 times)

Darth Fife

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Re: Constitutional Amendments
« Reply #15 on: November 13, 2012, 07:03:20 PM »
One good thing about repealing the 22nd Amendment would be the end of the "Lame Duck" presidency. As it stands now, Obama can do what he damned well pleases. He doesn't have to face the voters again in 2016 and even Boehner and the  boys in Congress actually grew a spine and tried to Impeach his ass, The Senate would never remove him from office.

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Re: Constitutional Amendments
« Reply #16 on: November 14, 2012, 05:17:24 AM »
There ya go.  That is one of the reasons I oppose the 22d Amendment.
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Re: Constitutional Amendments
« Reply #17 on: May 22, 2013, 04:40:55 PM »
As long as he can't run again I really don't care.  I would really like to see a new ammendment for term limits.
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