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I listened to Savage for a bit last night and he tore into Trump as well and rightfully so.  IMHO though, I really don't think Pres. Trump cares if he's re-elected. I don't think his objective was to be a two term president. Maybe I'm reading more into his comments, but is Levin implying he'll be booted like Nixon?

Levin: If Trump channels Nixon’s hatred for conservatives, he will FAIL

“Well fellow conservatives, it appears that President Trump considers us to be the deplorables,” Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin said to open Thursday's radio program.

The president has launched an assault on conservative Republicans in the Freedom Caucus, and the Tea Party patriots they represent. Levin said that Trump sounds like Richard Nixon, and every other moderate, establishment Republican who has ever walked the Earth hating conservatives.

“Now Mr. President, if you go out and try and wipe out conservatives in the primary, I can tell you right now, sir, we’re not only going to defend them, but we’re going to try and wipe out the liberal and more moderate elements in the Republican Party,” Levin said.

“Let me be quite blunt about this,” Levin continued. “There are tens of millions of conservatives in this country, many of whom supported you in the Republican primary. They will turn on you in a second.”

“You take the conservatives for granted, you do so at your own risk. You play footsie with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, you’re liable to get burned. You embrace the RINOs like Paul Ryan, you will fail.”

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