Author Topic: Bloomberg’s Gun Control Rally Aaingst NRA Fizzles In Atlanta  (Read 394 times)

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Mom’s Demand Action gun grab seems to have a misfire on their rally in Atlanta. They had more Tee shirts then people that showed up for their event. So what do you do with the Tee shirts....well you give them to the homeless to pad your numbers.... :thumbsup:

Bloomberg’s Gun Control Rally Against NRA Fizzles In Atlanta

According to an officer providing security at the event, Mom’s Demand and Everytown brought just 75-100 people to Woodruff Park to “confront” the NRA, at a venue 7/10ths of a mile away from the Annual Meetings.

The twinned gun control groups appear to have attempted to pad their numbers by handing out tee shirts to the many homeless people inhabiting the park, though most of them seemed indifferent.


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