Author Topic: Banners gone wild!  (Read 316 times)

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Banners gone wild!
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:27:42 AM »
Another Gun Ban on the horizon... sigh.
  We weren't a bunch of midwestern simpletons who just discovered how dangerous guns in the wrong hands were - the MSM are the dunces who cannot connect the dots, and keep feeding this notion, guns are dangerous... it's the individual on the trigger end who's dangerous.  Ban idiots, right?  We joke about the most said 'last words', hey guys, "Hold my beer and watch this!!!"   Here's a secret the MSM doesn't know, they're the real idiots, "Hey guys, hold my microphone, I'm going live on camera!!!"

Well... ban them too.  They've been corrupted so badly, what's the point.  We don't even call them "news" anymore.  All they spread is "hate America first".  Ban the MSM.
Can we just start to DEFUND political outlets and level the playing field?  Instead of instantaneous, round-the-clock "news" we got the steady drip of Marxism - time to close the spigot.
All animals are created equal; Some just take longer to cook.   Survival is keeping an eye on those around you...


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