Author Topic: AGW; A Political Confict, Five Reasons Why Ridicule Is The Proper Response  (Read 504 times)

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KERRY JACKSON  3/07/2017

If it seems that the climate radicals are acting desperately because they sense that their "movement" is dying, then that's probably an accurate assessment. From EPA employees threatening resistance to Donald Trump's presidency to junk-science guy Bill Nye appearing on Fox News to tell the world that humans are fully responsible for "the speed that climate change is happening," the irrational behavior is overflowing.

Of course the alarmists can't give up their shrillness. They're still bullies who try to marginalize, shame and silence those who don't agree with their narrative that man is dangerously overheating the planet through his greenhouse gas emissions.

But they're the ones who should be mocked. Here's why:

They're wrong. The devastating heat they predicted simply hasn't happened...

They've hidden their true agenda. The zealots want to destroy capitalism and take over the world's economy...

They're hypocrites. Every year, delegates, many of them on private jets, fly to Davos, Switzerland...   

They're authoritarians...  ...prosecuting "deniers."...   ...through the use of government police power... 

Leonardo DiCaprio. Here's a high school dropout who's become fabulously rich doing what kindergartners do every day — pretending to be someone else...

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Some find it hard to say whether this topic belongs on an environmental or a political thread becuase the topic is the political corruption of science. My personal experiance has been one of repeatedly searching for anyone to examine the scientific aspects of the AGW theory only to find my self labeled a 'denier' on the pay of oil interests.

There are many interesting scientific issues w/ the study of climate and with AGW there only remains acrimony, and the proof of this is the fact that no AGW advocate on this thread will avoid name-calling.

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Why are you even here? You refuse actual debate, have the grasp of any given subject to that of a prepubescent leftist, run from your own threads when challenged, yet here you are, why is that?


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