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Title: zzzQuil gummies are not candy
Post by: je_freedom on November 01, 2018, 02:17:51 PM
zzzQuil gummies are not candy

You would think fifth graders would not have to be told that.
But at least one of them did not have enough sense to realize that.
A fifth grade student brought a plastic bag containing the "candy" to school
and gave it to some of his friends.

The school noticed something was wrong when
a few students became extremely drowsy.
School staff immediately suspected some sort of chemical activity.
Investigation revealed the source of the chemical influence.
It is not known how many gummies each student ate.

We still do not know if this incident will inspire youths
to imitate this new way to abuse zzzQuil (which contains melatonin),
or if they're already doing it,
and this incident just brought it to light.
Title: Re: zzzQuil gummies are not candy
Post by: ConservativeInCT on November 02, 2018, 04:49:30 AM
Probably an honest mistake if I had to. when I was in high school, ZZZQuil or any other cough medicine such a Robitussin for (robotripping) or Delsym containing (DXM) was used by kids to get high in. It's a huge problem where I am from, as a friend of mine spending time at an inpatient facility has told me that scores of kids in their late teens and twenties are beginning to use these DXM products to get high both inside and outside of treatment due to its availability and the drowsy high that it provides. I'd wouldn't say it's going to inspire a bunch of youths to take it, however. In my state now most of those medicines are locked up behind an alarm she and some even require that you provide identification before you purchase the product.