Author Topic: Why Latvia is not like South Korea  (Read 269 times)

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Why Latvia is not like South Korea
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:56:27 AM »
'And why it is bad for us'.

Jānis Urbanovičs, a Latvian politician and leader of the Harmony party.

Let me start with some alarming trends. Unfortunately, current world's situation gives no cause for optimism and continues to develop towards the worst of all possible scenarios. In recent months, the US administration's actions have led to believe in its intention to put the squeeze on Putin who is still regarded as the US deadly threat.

It is no secret that China is the only country in the world whose freedom and independence of thought and action are tolerated by the United States. But most likely that is only because there is no breakthrough ideas on how to cope with the Chinese multi-billion population and the world's largest economy. With regard to other countries, obedience to the USA is the only acceptable way of behavior. Putin's Russia is completely out of character. And it is consistently going on for the last one and a half decades.

Is Putin picking up on the fact that his resistance prompts even greater pressure? - Yes, of course he is. That is the message contained in a 'military section' of his recent address to the Federal Assembly, which has been intended to show the country and the whole world that he is persistent and consistent in his disobedience.

I cannot be the judge of whether the picture that has accompanied Putin's speech is true or not. But there are unavoidable parallels with Reagan's Star Wars program, which has turned out to be a true Hollywood project. Nevertheless, I assume that most positions expressed regarding Russian new weapons are true and the latter can really float, fly and fire.

Do we really need it, my dear fellow citizens?

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