Author Topic: What? Actually READ the spending bill?  (Read 387 times)

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What? Actually READ the spending bill?
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:29:12 AM »
Oh, the sky is falling, listening to the hypocritical Wolf Blitzer at CNN, who somehow manages to downplay his own party's rush to pass Obominationcare.

Collins was not alone. In the very next segment, Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) likewise said that he was briefed by his staff.

Blitzer was taken aback by this. He pressed Collins on whether he had a responsibility to actually read the legislation which stands to impact so many.

“This legislation affects a fifth of the U.S. economy and millions and millions of Americans,” Blitzer said. “Don’t you think it was important to actually sit down and read — read the language of this bill?”

“You know, I have to rely on my staff,” Collins said. “And I can probably tell you that I read every word, and I wouldn’t be telling you the truth, nor would any other member. We rely on our staff, and we rely on our committees, and I’m comfortable that I understand this bill in its entirety, Wolf, without poring through every word.”

The public relies upon unelected back-room boys (or girls!) to tell their elected stooge how to vote. And this is business as usual for the part-time legislature and full-time nuisance which they have all become.


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