Author Topic: Politico floats "President Pence" story  (Read 327 times)

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Politico floats "President Pence" story
« on: May 22, 2017, 05:40:51 AM »
Here we are, six months after Donald Trump unfairly allowed the U.S. Constitution to triumph and the Electoral College denied Madame Doom her bid for His & Hers presidencies.

You may recall that horror. Conservatives were rioting in the streets. Jails overflowed with people in suits and ties -- or, gender-appropriate ladies' wear. Oh, the terror, as entire cities burned at the news of Hairzilla's election.

Six months and two days. And now a former Bush speechwriter steps up to the plate and adds to that fire, openly saying he won't use the I-word but talks it to death anyway, spewing on about President Pence. Politico officially jumps the shark.


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