Author Topic: Ohio teens given suspended sentence for dropping sandbag off overpass ....  (Read 348 times)

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Good thing they weren’t at the range firing an assault rifle. :confused:

Ohio teens given suspended sentence for dropping sandbag off overpass that killed man

The four Ohio teens who pleaded guilty to dropping a sandbag off a freeway overpass that killed a 22-year-old man were given a suspended sentence and ordered to a treatment center on Friday.

Marquis Byrd was the passenger in a vehicle that was hit by the sandbag dropped onto Interstate 75 in Toledo last December. Byrd was left in critical condition and died three days later in the hospital.

The four teens, all aged 13 or 14, pleaded guilty to either murder or manslaughter. The boy who dropped the sandbag pleaded guilty to murder while the other three pleaded to involuntary manslaughter, the Toledo Blade reported. The teen who pleaded guilty to murder was sentenced to the Department of Youth Services until he turns 21, while the teens who pleaded guilty to manslaughter were sentenced to three years in the Department of Youth Services.

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Do we ban sandbags?
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Can we ban teens?
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Can we ban teens?

So glad the Judge thew the COMIC book at them.

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Shouldn't we simply drop those kids off the overpass?
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Sick, Rot, Boo......nice threefer :lol: :lol:

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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If they killed someone close to me, this would all be fine, just A-OK.  I would have my own sentencing and application of it.

So mysterious.... wonder where the kid(s) ran off to, so many years ago ?


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