Author Topic: NFL Fans (former fans) speak volumes  (Read 368 times)

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NFL Fans (former fans) speak volumes
« on: October 01, 2017, 03:23:29 PM »

Well... you don't have to look hard to find Fan displeasure and disgust with the NFL protesting - or trying to set the record straight.
These comments, and more being added are posted ALL OVER THE INTERNET.   the NFL would have to be DEAF not to hear what's being said about Roger Go-to-hell, the Owners and Players...  Oh, wait - can any of them read past a 3rd grade level...?

ouch!   This year (2017) true stats:

Makes me wonder why I've ever cheered for these guys....

Sorry, you're not included!

Call it "Click Bait"

Yeah, we feel it, alright!

Roger Goodell's new hat

There are other choices for Sunday - besides Church & Football

My favorite from a guy named "Don B."
So what's the score?
Don, B cleaning the garage.
Don, B doing dishes and laundry.
Cleaning the house a bit.
Playing with Sabrina.
Getting shit done on my only day off!
The NFL made me realize.
There are better things to do.

As for me, Wifey the kids and I picked, snapped beans & canned 25 quarts of green beans.  That's a record, I think, for us.
I also used the central vacuum (probably the only farmhouse in the county with one, we installed), to suck up invading stink bugs.
.. and cooked up some awesome sirloin beef tips & gravy, slow cooked, and topped some noodles / mashed potatoes...   
Tonight, we're gonna have Root Beer Floats, and watch a historic movie, "Midway" or the "Battle of the Bulge" - when boys became MEN instead of NFL unpatriotic, overpaid, spoiled brats.
After the kids retire, I'll look longingly into those beautiful brown eyes - and the thought of an NFL player beating his baby-momma won't even enter my mind, nope - nothing but passionate love for my wife.
All animals are created equal; Some just take longer to cook.   Survival is keeping an eye on those around you...


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