Author Topic: Microsoft Threatens to Shut Down Gab After Anti-Semitic Posts by User  (Read 184 times)

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Editor's note: Since the publication of this article, more information has surfaced about the threatening nature of the posts, which seem to be a clear violation of Gab's terms of service. PJ Media condemns violent threats in the strongest possible terms. See update below.

Microsoft Azure, the web hosting provider for Gab, has given the company 48 hours to delete some anti-Semitic posts or face a Big Tech shut-down. Gab is a Twitter alternative that claims to protect the right to free speech. It's not a very good alternative, as the numbers just aren't there to keep it interesting. Most of the time it's just righties and ultra-righties fighting amongst themselves. But Gab's claim to fame is that they won't kick people off for having unpopular views or engaging in insult trading that morons refer to as "hate speech." For some, that's a worthwhile promise.
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Re: Microsoft Threatens to Shut Down Gab After Anti-Semitic Posts by User
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I would hope GAB would get their crap together. For example, embedding posts?


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