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Hurricane Recovery
« on: September 26, 2017, 09:19:25 AM »
As we know the MSM and democrats are truly frustrated as how Trump responded to the disasters of Harvey and Irma. I am noticing how they are now looking to jump on Trump concerning the response in Puerto Rico. This caused me to think and immediately the comparison of Harvey and Irma with Maria AND Katrina came to mind. Right off FEMA said it was the duty of local and state to handle initial response and then FEMA would come in to support as needed. It worked apparently as there is little follow up from left on how recovery is going. With Puerto Rico and NOLA we have totally failed entities already with no apparent plan in place to handle these disasters. BTW, they have been controlled by democrats for decades. The first response from local authorities is start asking for federal help from the get go. Just as reminder, remember the MS Gulf Coast actually took the brunt of Katrina. NOLA was from flood more than the actual hurricane.

Watch this narrative develop as the left is desperate for something on Trump. Trump announced this morning he would be going to PR next week he does not interrupt responders.
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