Author Topic: German TV Show for Kids Shows Migrant Adult Dating Underage Teen Girl  (Read 323 times)

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An “underage” migrant, who was presented as being in a romantic relationship with an underage girl in a controversial German children’s channel television programme, has admitted he is actually an adult.

The documentary Malvina, Diaa and Love was broadcast in November on the publicly-funded German television channel Kika, which is directed at children aged three to 13, and has been slammed by many as “propaganda” as it favourably presents a largely one-sided relationship between a 16-year-old German girl and an adult Syrian asylum seeker.

The Syrian named Diaa was said to be around the same age as 16-year-old Malvina but later admitted he is actually 19 year.

Of course, there's no connection to the pic, but it would explain Merkle...



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