Author Topic: Fourth Baltimore police detective pleads guilty in federal racketeering case  (Read 226 times)

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It's Baltimore .. again! :woot:

Baltimore Police Det. Momodu Gondo on Thursday became the fourth city officer to admit to robbing and extorting citizens, billing for overtime hours he didn’t work and falsifying reports to conceal his crimes — all part of a growing scandal that has ensnared eight officers and toppled the city’s elite gun unit.

Unlike the three officers before him, Gondo, 34, also pleaded guilty to helping protect a North Baltimore heroin ring, one that police said was responsible for more than 60 fatal and nonfatal overdoses. With his guilty pleas to both racketeering and drug conspiracy, Gondo faces as much as 40 years in prison — the longest maximum penalty of the eight indicted officers.

With a thick beard and wearing the bright orange jumpsuit of a detention center, Gondo listened as U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake read the accusations against him. In the racketeering case, he was accused o­f committing eight robberies from March 2015 to July 2016.
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Give him a "dose" of his own medicine.   An overdose of Heroin.
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ALMOST as bad of some of the crooks we used to have on the DCMPD.

With a name like that I can't help wonder what country this fine lad hails from or what religion he might be a convert to.
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