Author Topic: Former US President Barack Obama to Meet President Xi Jinping (Logan Act?)  (Read 276 times)

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With all the talk about Trump and the Logan Act, I figured this would be a pretty good way to end such nonsense!
(Or .. Maybe Not) :lol:

Former US President Barack Obama is set to visit Chinese Leader Xi Jinping this Tuesday while on a five-day trip to China, India and France.

A statement from Washington's spokeswoman has told CNN that former President Barack Obama is set to meet with his former counterparts during his trip, including Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Obama, who will be arriving in Shanghai to deliver remarks at the Global Alliance of SMEs Summit, will meet with Xi for the first time since September 2016, when both leaders ratified the Paris climate agreement in their respective countries.

Just recently, current US President Donald Trump, who have just visited China on an official trip this month, announced in June his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris accord.

For the time being, the current administration has foreshadowed the relationship between Xi and Trump, with the President claiming in a statement that the trip in October have blossomed into a good relationship with him and Xi quoting that "the best relationship of any President-President."

Then there is this ...
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