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Costume with a message!
« on: October 21, 2017, 11:44:56 AM »
Here's a unique idea for a Halloween costume:  a snowflake!

You could cut out a snowflake pattern from
some white cardboard, or maybe some foam board,
leaving a hole for your face.

Put a strap on it to reach around behind your head,
to hold the snowflake on your face.

Wear a white jacket with it,  and go around saying things a snowflake would say, like:

"Your costume offends meee!  You can't wear thaaat!"
"You hurt my feeeelings!  I need a safe spaaace!"
"That is so sexissst!" (or racist, or _____ist) (Fill in the blank.)
"That is so insensitive!  You can't say thaaat!"

You could mount a GoPro camera on the costume to record people's reactions.
See how many REAL snowflakes are offended by your snowflake costume!

Some cities have a block party every year at Halloween, open to the public. 
That would be a great place to try out the costume!
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