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Author Topic: MMA fighter takes down aggressive anti-Trump protester at flag-waving ceremony  (Read 227 times)

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Some foul language (Of course by the snow-flake) in the video. :wink:

Mixed martial arts pioneer Tara LaRosa took down and restrained an angry protester, who bit her on the chest, at a flag waiving gathering in North Portland on Sunday.

LaRosa was part of a group of demonstrators waiving flags in honor of Veterans Day on an Interstate 84 overpass. A woman that took umbrage with the group got into an argument with one of LaRosa's counterparts, which then escalated into a physical altercation, according to a report by The Oregonian and which the Twitter videos below show.

As the incident escalated, LaRosa apparently took the confrontational woman to the ground and controlled her. In the midst of the scuffle, the woman apparently bit LaRosa through her sweatshirt, shirt and bra, leaving bite marks on her chest.

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Great. Now she has to get a series of rabies shots.

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