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Solar, please move if needed.

I get confused if it's considered a Distraction topic when dealing with the MSM and Illegals!?

A nationwide manhunt is underway for 3 men in the alleged rape and kidnapping of 2 teenage sisters in Ohio

“All suspects were found to have “fraudulent paperwork” documenting their status as immigrant workers, White said.”

(None of the “undocumented immigrants” are really undocumented, they all have fraudulent documents.

The Ministry of Propaganda doesn’t want to call them fraudulently documented foreigners for a reason.) :sad:

(CNN) - A nationwide manhunt is underway for three men accused of kidnapping and raping two sisters, ages 13 and 14, in northern Ohio, Bowling Green police said.

One suspect, David Ramos Contreras, 27, of Mexico, was spotted Saturday with two women in a lightly colored vehicle at a Walmart in Holland, Ohio, said police, who are asking for the public's help in their pursuit of the suspects.

All three men are classified as dangerous, police said. It's not clear whether they're traveling together.

Nationwide warrants were issued for Contreras, Juan Garcia Rios Adiel and Arnulfo Ramos after an alleged incident last week at a Days Inn motel in Bowling Green, Deputy Chief Justin White said Tuesday in a statement.

The sisters were staying at the hotel with their parents when four men held them for a time against their will, White said. Later, the girls' mother took them to be examined at a local hospital, he said.

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