Author Topic: "Rubber rooms" for useless bureaucrats?  (Read 485 times)

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"Rubber rooms" for useless bureaucrats?
« on: February 22, 2017, 02:41:51 AM »
Lead, follow, or get your useless ass out of the way. Simple rules, eh? Not so after Jimmy Carter decided we simply couldn't have a PACE test for federal employees...and that decision never got updated. Who benefits? The Democrats, of course....

In modern times, until 1981, federal job applicants for higher level positions were required to take the PACE Test (overall for a relatively small percentage of federal jobs.)  Although the test was carefully crafted and vetted, black applicants consistently did much worse on the test compared to white applicants (and other minority groups) with the result that the Carter administration scrapped the test in 1981, without replacing it. From that point on federal civil service hiring proceeded without an objective measure of competency or excellence.

The goal was to open up high-end federal jobs to African-Americans, which might have been noble, but came with its own consequences. Leaving aside whether this policy impacted efficiency or service delivery, it clearly if not deliberately ensured the hiring of employees almost guaranteed to be committed Democrats. The same supervisors hiring African-Americans under the rubric of affirmative action or diversity, could do much the same thing by hiring women or other minorities who skew Democrat, without having pesky test scores interfere. It even works for white males, by selecting the more probably liberal of two equally qualified candidates, e.g., the guy from Long Island who went to NYU and did graduate work at Berkeley.

Nearly forty years on, much of the federal bureaucracy is a clique of entrenched Democrat apparatchiks, with job protections that make it difficult if not impossible to fire. They have their hands on the levers of government, and now with an almost universally reviled (among Democrats) Republican president, are ready and willing to act against him. 

What can Trump do?

I propose a tent community for bureaucrats, somewhere in beautiful downtown Utah, where they may sit in circles singing Kumbayah (...or whatever else leftists do in circles) and wishing they had stayed impartial...Republican bureaucrats included.


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