Author Topic: 'Bizarre Foods' Host Andrew Zimmern Sparks Outrage With Chinese Food Comment  (Read 174 times)

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Bizarre Foods host and celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern has caused a firestorm in the Asian-American and foodie communities over his comments that Chinese food in the Midwest is served in “horse---t restaurants.” Zimmern made the comments to promote his own Midwest Chinese restaurant chain, Lucky Cricket, in an interview with Fast Company. The first outlet for Lucky Cricket just opened in a Minneapolis suburb mall.

Travel Channel recently bumped Bizarre Foods and The Zimmern List shows to Saturday mornings. Both shows have reportedly stopped filming in midseason, but a representative insisted that the moves were planned before the remarks became public.

I typically don't watch that show. Eating weird crap is not my cup of tea.

What he said is just an opinion, a comment on a stance that anybody could have said (we can say that C.P.F. is the greatest Conservative discussion forum and that all others are subpar).

But, this entire politically correct outrage over the smallest of things is the real and biggest horseshit there is.
First Amendment isn't just Freedom Of Speech, it's Freedom Of Conscience.

Who made you the arbiter of morality? You are not Government but you sure are acting like one.


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