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Unlikely saviors
« on: May 12, 2016, 08:25:17 PM »
Here I will cite three examples of unlikely saviors,
two real and one fictional.
They all illustrate the point that deliverance can come
from the most unlikely of sources.

These days, the leftists are seeking to abolish suburbs
and force everybody into one municipal government.
As part of this movement, there was a proposal to
merge the City of Dayton with Montgomery County.
It was very unpopular with the county residents.

But the deliverance came from - the Democrats!
It seems that the Democrat politicians in the inner city
really enjoy not having any serious challengers for re-election.
They stopped the merger by annexing 27 acres in Greene County.
(It's kind of hard to merge a county with
a city that includes land in another county.)

Example two:
In September 1939, Hitler and Stalin, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union
exposed their secret alliance by joining together to capture Poland.
In the following year and a half, the two captured nearly all of Europe
(minus Switzerland and Spain).
Britain stood alone against this monstrous alliance,
which extended all the way across Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

On June 12, 1941, while summing up the situation, Winston Churchill said,

   "A year ago His Majesty's Government was left alone to face the storm,
   and to many of our friends and enemies alike it may have seemed that
   our days, too, were numbered and that
   Britain and its institutions would sink forever beneath the verge.
   But I may with some pride remind your excellencies that
   even in that dark hour   
   when our army was disorganized and almost weaponless
   when scarcely a gun or tank remained in Britain,
   when almost all our stores and ammunition had been lost in France,
   never for one moment did the British people
   dream of making peace with the conqueror
   and never for a moment did they despair of the common cause."

He also said,

   "We cannot see how deliverance will come or when it will come,
   but nothing is more certain that every trace of Hitler's footsteps,
   every stain of his infected, corroding fingers will be sponged and purged
   and, if need be, blasted from the surface of the earth."

Just one week after he gave this speech,
the beginning of deliverance appeared from the most unlikely of sources.
Hitler himself attacked his own ally, the Soviet Union!
Deliverance came from the enemy's own camp!

Our third example is from Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.
In the climactic scene, as the Emperor was attacking Luke
with lightning bolts from his fingers,
Darth Vader came to his senses and realized that
he had become the evil that he had hated many years earlier.
He grabbed the Emperor and threw him into the nuclear reactor.

The point of these three examples is that
deliverance can come from the most unexpected of sources.
It can even come directly from the enemy's camp!

Here's where Donald Trump comes into the picture.
Admittedly, Donald Trump has consorted with the enemy for decades.
He's openly admitted, "I donate to their campaigns, they do what I want."
Even in recent years, he's donated to RINOs and their super PACs.'s-tea-connection/

But he also sees what the left is doing to America.
He sees the trade deals giving tax advantages for exporting industry.
He sees the national debt giving ownership of America to foreign interests.

He's running for President as a renegade from the Establishment.
He's certainly well acquainted with them.
He made most of his money renting real estate to them!
He spent many of his evenings hobnobbing with them,
listening to them boast among themselves
about how they're robbing America blind!

"Darth Trump" certainly has been on the Dark Side.
Is he coming to his senses?  Or is he only pretending to?
Last night on radio, Alex Jones said that Donald Trump is the real deal.
In a private meeting, The Donald demonstrated to Alex Jones
that he really does understand what the Establishment is doing,
and that The Donald really is a closet patriot.

Was The Donald pulling the wool over Alex Jones' eyes?
We cannot be sure yet.

So much of life is a crapshoot.
It bothers me immensely that such a momentous decision
at such a critical time would be this much of a crapshoot.

I'm going to keep watching and see how this plays out.
If The Donald ends up being the R candidate,
(which at this point is still not completely certain)
I would choose someone who MIGHT be a good guy
over someone (any Democrat) who we KNOW is evil.

Wouldn't it be funny if someone who seems so unlikely as "Darth Trump"
actually would turn out to be America's deliverer?
Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
-- Barry Goldwater

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Re: Unlikely saviors
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2016, 07:10:48 PM »
I can't believe I failed to think of this example when I first wrote the article:

Perhaps the best example of unlikely heroes in the Bible is
the Apostle Paul.
He first appears in Acts 7:57-58 with his given name, Saul,
assisting in the first stoning to death of a Christian.
He then appears in Acts 8:1-3 arresting and imprisoning Christians.
The next we see of him is in Acts 9:1-30 on his way to Damascus,
carrying letters giving him authority to arrest Christians there.

God intervened.
God dramatically told Saul that he was doing
the opposite of what he should be doing.
He also told Saul to go ahead to Damascus,
where he would receive further instruction.

The guy who God appointed to give the instructions
had a tremendously hard time believing that
such a rabid enemy could become his friend.
But Saul did make the change.

The Pharisee Saul became the Apostle Paul.
The man who inflicted the most suffering on the church became
the man who endured the most suffering for the church!

He became the most prominent figure in the New Testament,
except for Jesus himself!
Even more prominent than Peter, the first Bishop of Rome!
(And that is a title that Peter held while he was still living.)

The bottom line is,
God has a long history of raising up deliverers
who are the last people you would expect!

P.S. - Here's a convenient place to check out the above references:
Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
-- Barry Goldwater


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