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True Santa Story
« on: December 07, 2018, 06:52:36 PM »
I was in the barber shop waiting for a cut and beard trim, when I struck up a conversation with a guy in his early 80s, wife, sweet as Hell, suffering Alzheimers.
Anyway, he told me how he still believed in Santa till he was 12.
He said he was constantly getting bullied for his belief in Santa, that he had proof, because he always got what he asked for.

Yeah, that was his proof, so he decided to take his friends with him to see Santa at age 11, he sat on Santa's lap and Santa began to tell him all about his year, good and bad, that he would bring hi the BB gun he''d asked for. Of course, his friends kind of smiled, because they knew that this particular Mall Santa was his dad, had been every year as long as the could remember, and the kid was completely clueless.
The kids never told him but the rest of the school knew.

I'm thinking to myself, what a gullible idiot kid he must have been and his dad an asshole for keeping the lie alive for so long, that it got his ass bullied, then I remembered George Pratt in 8th grade (kid still wet his pants) telling me Santa brought him a GI Joe.
First off, boys that age didn't play with dolls, even GI Joe's, let alone still believe in Santa. Anyway, I digress, after smiling at the idiocy of the story, he grinned and said "great memories". :rolleyes:

But then after a few moments of silence, he went on a lib rant about global warming, and suddenly it clicked, the guy was still a gullible idiot all these years later.
This my friends is a perfect example of Dim voters and why they are so easily fooled.



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