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Re: Stomp On Jesus
« Reply #45 on: April 05, 2013, 11:21:40 AM »
You appear to be a product of a leftist education, based on your postings.

What makes you think that I am "a product of leftist education"? I have a reputation for being extremely conservative and I do align myself with conservatives because I have conservative views on almost all issues that are important to me and conservatives tend to be good, intelligent, hard-working people while too many leftists in the country are extremely hateful, childish, and hypocritical. With that said, I am probably viewed as more conservative than I really am because I rarely talk much about the few issues that I have more liberal views on.

If you would, please, can you tell me how many times you encountered a right-leaning or conservative instructor in your college career?

In college, I never knew for sure the political persuasions of most of my professors but it is true that among the few professors whose political leanings I knew for sure, most were liberals. I did have a conservative astronomy instructor though and I had several professors that I am 99 percent sure were conservatives or conservative-libertarians. But, with the possible exception of one professor who preached on behalf of the faculty union sometimes before class began, none of my liberal professors indoctrinated students and none of my professors, including the faculty union enthusiast, penalized me for having conservative views. Some of my favorite professors who liked me the most were card-carrying liberals who knew what my political views are. I was outspoken in class about my political views and I know for sure that not one professor ever held that against me.


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