Author Topic: Re: Orlando Massacre: Far Leftism Kills Again (and again and again and again)  (Read 544 times)

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Posted by: Late-For-Lunch
« on: June 18, 2016, 03:18:59 PM »
Yes, that's true. I heard an analyst who specializes in terrorists say that even if true, the two are not mutually exclusive. One may be a deranged muzz terrorists and also a homo. In fact, a lot of muzz don't consider the "pitcher" in a homosexual relationship to be a homo, only the "catcher".

...scrutiny by law enforcement...

...apparently replied that she "loved him"...mass murder.

In my experience muzz lie the way normal people say "good morning!" They lie by preference..infidels. With every lie they get away with it's another "f-you!" to Western whites!

If I were emperor, I'd round all of them up and gas 'em and nuke their cities into radioactive skating rinks in the middle of the desert and then drill the oil out from the side. Once they were all exterminated, the planet would have peace and prosperity for ten-thousand years.
{That's been my point for decades.
If you're willing to submit, you are not a man. In nature the vanquished becomes the bitch of the vanquisher...}
The vanquished just become the -----. Now, is that never an admission. But guess what, I would even be worse than him. I would just destroy everything. Every wing, every evil, every single, dirty, rotten, so evil have become things. There is no other time in history that there will be just 7 years. Will this mean the absolute end of all tyrants? Yes. He, if it is a he, could never be worse than me and all of those more mindful of what are plans.

Sea, at least it is better to be more honest as in admitting. It's the only way in. Sure, all the much bigger badgers will be caged in. They will hardly get any free breathing room. Just because the Lord said to the whole entire curse upon the whole entire cosmic-indentured servant called the footstool Jesus has used to prove he is the divine center attached to all strings.

Just 10,000 years only, that is all, while the other declared it has been their same point for decades. So, which, entrances? Is it witches or parasites? The dogs from the left still carry the same exact fleas carried over by the conservatives. There will be sounds of the clashes of whole other kingdoms. The wind rains the same wisdoms: that when another animal dies it still cries as the lightning as the thunder has been proving multiple times.

Now, there is an all-new science as well based upon the much richer divergences of opinions called options: that is whites are opting out of every single necessity they have imposed upon white neighborhoods that pay most of those much richer households of taxes only are the only most affordable all of the time, not when they say they want freedom over and over again, so that blacks declared freedom from the deadest letters of the law, that whites simply never owed the black peasants: it's the other way around.

So to every single attachment made so much sweeter by the vague lies of the host-liberals pay t.v. shows that white people are the most-deserved to constantly be in a state of ultimate defeat each way they take there is no escape routes, no mashed-out plans, no this is what it says: that the blacks enslaved the white people, Louis Farrakhan said that is the real issue of what penned; that white people are on the constant attack cycle, all the time, never lets up a single day, nor week, nor life-cycle, has not been so routinely negatively affected:

That white people must constantly be subject to so much verbal garbage thrown about, at them, can't aim, never helping, never donating, always running (?), never fun, another pun, oh, one, bullet then, what fun?, whites must always be on the move, on the run, that they must run to and fro in freeway zones they cannot get out of by the flow of drug trafficking, so what's the point of the United States anymore, when it must divide itself up into much smaller squares of where live the arch-liberals with no help sent since they were for gun control for the film industry when industrialized.

The same exact kind of ---- comes from that same exact side which could almost fluidly have its hands on many more smoke-screens it felt it was in for, that the machine knows its time is up because it was told that the Earth implicitly refuses to continue to be involved inside of the same exact same insane, as also the absolutes of, the most, vain theories, that hunters who murder bears have not been violating the most volatile attitude that God would have towards those same mountains he could so suddenly change to hot molten lava to sacrifice, as to burn up garbage, which spears as if it should be put down, caved.

Bears belong to God and he so loved the world he gave of his own begotten son of the word of God which said: Thou shalt love the Lord they God, not thyself, pig fest feasted; the second is, that God sent himself in the form of a man to feel what it feels like being slaughtered; the third item would be that the violations of such scriptures first given by God as in right in the beginning before God was being forced to destroy all of man who desired itself and did not ever call on God a single time to ask him how he felt seeing one of his baby bears he loves so much taken out of its life by a dirty rotten evil horrible person who laughed at what he did; so can he be saved?

The streets of gold were once paved while those same aliens eventually enslaved.

There will be no peaceful means to settle the accounts of so many times disaffected.

There will be no form of currency inside of Egypt save for those who already banked.

Even bears know enough of how those Gods never left; they were unjustly dissolved.*

The origins of Thoth is that these same Gods were the angels in the beginning with God.

Oh, just Osiris is Jesus Christ, as attended by Thor is Thoth is Anubis; the wolf has a God.

And Horus hates evil that says it is good when it is evil it is evil live evil live evil not of God's.
The Akhenaten Revolution meant the end of the Russian czars only to be ruled over by something not less than the kin of aliens; if you see the truth, then turn the pages of history and Seti's Temple Abydos, for the Lord abides with us all the way through the Book of Revelation ***/\ chapters 7 & 14.

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Just a heads up Sirius Star, people will not take the time to read your post as it is soooooooo long for a Political Forum.  Also keep religion in the Religion Forum.   
A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.- James Freeman Clarke

Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession.  I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.  ~ Ronald Reagan ~

Always remember "Feelings Aren't Facts."

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...keep religion in the Religion Forum.
Well, actually, this is the Religion Forum. Not sure how it managed to be written. How is this then for the religion:

The streets of gold were all at once found to be paved, while the enslaved become the aliens; because of so many disaffected, they will escape exactly nothing; only those with the right currency will be part of the new evolution; since the bears understand even the stars, what will be the excuses by those calling themselves human; cast out into outer darkness, they will find themselves locked into their very own chains.

See how far leftism kills.

Other than that, thanks for the heads up. Take care, always.

The Akhenaten Revolution meant the end of the Russian czars only to be ruled over by something not less than the kin of aliens; if you see the truth, then turn the pages of history and Seti's Temple Abydos, for the Lord abides with us all the way through the Book of Revelation ***/\ chapters 7 & 14.


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