Author Topic: Are Atheists Racists Against Jews?  (Read 82 times)

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Are Atheists Racists Against Jews?
« on: July 18, 2018, 01:42:27 AM »
I was in a long debate with some atheists about Matthew chapter 27 and 28 dealing with the soldiers at the tomb which I was able to prove were without a doubt Roman soldiers, even with them using William Lane Craig against me, I refuted both Craig and the atheists who wanted to twist the passage to make it mean the Temple guard was guarding the tomb of Jesus. The tomb of Jesus is still in Jerusalem today and there are Roman seals still seen on the tomb which secured the tomb from opening without the aid of Roman soldiers.

But when atheists lose a debate they march right into Wellhausen theory which says that all ancient antiquity is authentic except for that which was written by the Jew. Thus, Wellhausen theory went on to inspired Adolf Hitler and the Nazi propaganda machine. After all, if one is a racist, they want to erase the hated race from the face of the planet. This is precisely what atheists are doing with the Bible which was written and preserved by Jews. They make up all this phony propaganda to make it all disappear from history as if it was never written. And who says atheists aren't into magic? When they try to make all the sacred writings of Jews disappear that is a magic trick.--and a tick indeed it is!

So my challenge is for all atheists. I have challenged atheists to show me the volumes of atheist books and columns which tell us how, say, the Hindu Vedas was never written or preserved? Do atheists, who claim they hate all religion, also apply Wellhausen theory on the Vedas and other ancient religious texts? Can any atheist provide for me here several links to wiki or Amazon or any other sources of information where I can read or buy books about how each and every ancient antiquity was never written? After all, atheists say the Bible was never written. They say none of the Books of the Bible were written in the time frame tradition says they were written in. Therefore I would also expect atheists also have many books written on the Vedas and how that was never written in the time frame Hindu sources say it was written in. But after challenging atheists on this issue not one of them were able to find a single link which treated the Vedas with the same arrogance they treat the Bible.

So when atheists focus on making the Bible disappear from history as if it was never written, and they only do this with Jewish writings, to me this is a clear cut case of racism against Jews! This also means that atheism has always inherently a racist war against the Jewish people. This places the authenticity of evolution theory in serious question! If what brings atheists together is hate for all things Jewish, then how is that science? How is this not all racism? Racism is an evil that will even try to disguise itself as science which is exactly what atheists have been doing since Darwin! For Wellhausen theory is a huge part of atheism and evolution theory. It teaches the atheist that all religions evolved but we never find any books written about other world religions...only books written about how the Jews were always such evil people who never wrote any of their books when their traditions say they were written. Do atheists treat Buddhism with this kind of contempt? No? Then perhaps atheists have just been focused on all Jewish works and attacking the Bible only because it convicts their conscience of their sins and atheists don't want to feel guilty about sin. So they attack and re-attack the Bible over and over with all this highly malicious propaganda in hopes they can erase the Bible from the pages of history. This is racism...not science! Well maybe we can better call this the science of racism since that is what atheists have committed themselves to.

Am I wrong? If I am wrong then surely I can be proven wrong? And if I can be proven wrong then all an atheist has to do is supply this topic with several links where well known atheist authors and columnists have applied Wellhausen theory to other non-Jewish religious texts. Is there a book I can read from an atheist which tells me how the Vedas was never written or preserved? Surely after multiple volumes of atheist works have been published since Darwin there are plenty of books written which tell us how the Buddhist works were never preserved. I have given this challenge to many atheists and so far not one book or column written about how the Vedas was never written during the time Hindus say it was written in. I find no conspiracies against the authenticity of the Vedas or other non-Jewish religious texts either. But you will find a mountain of conspiracy theories today on the internet being propagated by atheists who are now even taking sides with Hamas and Hezbollah!! My friends, this is all racist hate speech! We are once again seeing Wellhausen theory influence a new generation of neo-Nazis who all seek to make the Jewish people disappear. These propagandists want the Jews dead and their history destroyed and erased. This also includes Christians who also preserve the Bible. When will people understand that atheism is a mania to the mind? Gees, Dr.Louis Pasteur thoroughly discredited biological evolution over 100 years ago! That's right, the law of biogenesis destroyed spontaneous generation (aka., "abiogenesis"), making the concept of life from non-life an obsolete belief in science. Today micro-biology classes in medical school teach students that biological evolution never happened because in medical is accountable. But when science is not accountable evolution is a fact.  :rolleyes:

If you are an atheist and read all this I want you to know that I am not accusing all atheists in the world of being racists. But you should question the establishment of evolution theory and atheism because the Darwinian beginning of atheism was anything but humble and modest. Racism against blacks was one of the motives behind evolution theory. But Wellhausen theory most definitely was another racist attack against Jewish antiquity. If the only religious texts being attacked by atheists are Jewish texts then how is that not racism? Though again, all it takes to refute my position here are many links to other atheists works which also bastardize the religious texts of non-Jewish peoples as well. But when no such works can be found this is when you should begin to question the motives of atheism. For its one thing not to believe in God; its another to try and make the writings of an entire race of people disappear by saying they were never written in the time frame their tradition says they were written in. Is that the kind of arrogance you want to follow?

I believe atheism has always been a political movement. I have looked back on their history and only saw that their motives were fake and insincere. Should we all follow such fake and insincere people? These are the same fake people that brought us Naziism and now desire Islam to conquer the west. How long will be walk in ignorance while these mentally unstable people continue to plague our society with their mental illnesses? I think its time people start calling atheists out on their racism against Jews since they cannot prove they have ever applied the same arrogance on other religious texts that they do to Jewish texts. And if being an atheist only means you hate all religious texts written by Jews then you are not a fan of science,but a bigot who is slowly being taught to hate Jews.

So how long are we gonna let Nazi propaganda permeate our society? When will people finally get smart and begin questioning the motives behind the politics of evolution theory?
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