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The Opening of the Relics of Our Father Among the Saints
First Serbian Bishop of America and Canada
April 22/May 5, 2017

With the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Longin of New Gracanica and Midwestern America, the relics of St. Mardarije, which have laid in the Church of St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville, Illinois, since his internment in December 1935, were uncovered. The opening revealed St. Mardarije’s holy relics to be incorrupt.

Once the seal of the vault was broken, every effort was taken to lift the cover. During this process, the cover of the vault shifted and fell on the casket, breaking its cover. At this moment, a sweet smelling fragrance arose from the tomb, quickly dissipating. However, it became evident that the Saint was buried facing the west instead of east. This in and of itself is miraculous. It manifested the Providence of God. Had St. Mardarije been buried in the proper direction, the vault cover would have fallen on the side of the casket where his holy head rested. It was visible that his feet had decayed and were bones.

The bones of the feet were goldish-yellow in color. (Which is a sign of holiness in the Orthodox Church.) Then, Fr. Nikolaj Kostur proceeded to examine the mid-section of the body. St. Mardarije's Holy hands were holding the cross which was firmly in place and immovable. As Fr. Nikolaj pulled back the sleeve of the saccos, it was revealed that the hands of St. Mardarije were completely intact. Clearly visible were his skin, fingernails and hair. At this point, it was evident that the relics were more than just bones.

After all the vestments were removed, it was revealed that the holy relics, from the knee upward, were intact, although very fragile. The Saint’s anatomy was intact with his skin and hair visible.  When the mitre was removed, his long, dark hair flowed out, confirming his continued monastic struggle until the end of his days. The hair on his head and beard looked as though he had just reposed; it was very soft. The eyebrows and eyelashes of his closed eyes were visible. Also, his ears were still intact. Upon the removal of the dust from the entire body, the holy relics were washed with warm water and white wine. Hereupon spikenard oil was used to anoint the body, according to the instructions received from the Holy Monastery of Hilandar. After the anointing, the color of the skin changed from tan to a dark brown.

The full article can be found here:

Previously, the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church during its regular session held from May 14-29th 2015 brought forth a decision that his name be added to the Diptych of saints of the Holy Orthodox Church. St. Mardarije was born in Montenegro on November 2nd 1889, and died in America on December 12th 1935. He was the first bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America. He built the St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville, Illinois, where he was buried.

St. Mardarije of Libertyville during his life on Earth.

Holy relics of St. Mardarije.
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