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Evil Weave
« on: February 05, 2019, 07:07:42 AM »
Paraphrase from Micah 7:3

The godly is perished from the earth and there is none upright. They all lie in wait for blood. Their hands diligently work that which is evil. The prince asks for gifts, the judge receives a bribe, and the powerful receive the evil desire of their soul – their evil is woven together.

Just reminds me of how the libs run after evil and the "weave" that exists at present. The libs / dims diligently and consistently work for evil. The judges (like 9th circus) support them - and probably receive some kind of bribe. The powerful feed the whole process (e.g., Soros). They are woven together to seek evil and feed their destructive appetite for money, power, and their corrupt desires in this life.

But, in the end, God will deliver those who trust in him. (Micah 7:7).


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