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Re: DACA's Dreamers
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2017, 12:47:42 PM »
Correction to my post: "Distgusting Christianity" mentioned was in the Religious Forum, not the Poli Forum. I typed the wrong Forum name by accident.

I'm with you on the outcome - that it seems few can agree to state their position and answer valid questions, checking the emotions at the door. Or to avoid attacks of the beliefs of others - but to rather just ask thoughtful questions for clarification before making personal decisions on the statements / arguments of others. No - it usually just gets into an emotional mud ball - unproductive for anyone.

Where I agree less so is with regard to Clergy. I don't respect Clergy any more than anyone else - maybe even less. They live in a world that is somewhat isolated from the day-to-day reality of experiential living. They experience more of the pretend-side of people who act one way at church / with Clergy and differently when doing life or when they are alone. Religions are all broken. Even the community churches are full of messed up people led by messed leaders. My faith / hope is that some of those I worship with will try and find their way to the one who cleans up the mess.

My faith starts with simple internal logic based on experiences - which is dangerous. But then my focus starts with the Bible which gives that faith fine-grained substance of who God is and how he's interacted with mankind through history. Yes, the Bible has inconsistencies, but the basic message and support for it's historical and supernatural content are unprecedented. So, as many others, I read that and try and chase after God through what it says. As with you, I'm not in any official religion but do use the Bible to pave the way to run toward the Creator.
Clergy was a reference to the Catholic church and how they not only ignored, but perpetrated pedophilia within the upper realms of said religion.
I have zero use for all religion, in that my experiences in the Christian church exposed too much hypocrisy, where everyone comes on Sunday to hear in one form or another, "as an imperfect human, you are once again, absolved of the week's previous sins, see you again next Sunday"...

I live with a set core value system, and in following my value system, I neither require absolvement, nor forgiveness from anyone, God has that final say in the end.
Though I honor the teachings of Christ, I find the church bastardizes his teachings to fit the leftist PC social etiquette/order of the day.
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Re: DACA's Dreamers
« Reply #16 on: October 15, 2017, 06:09:01 AM »
meh... was wondering that happened to the DACA thread.   guess DACA got worn out.
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Re: DACA's Dreamers
« Reply #17 on: December 20, 2017, 10:24:14 AM »
meh... was wondering that happened to the DACA thread.   guess DACA got worn out.

Regarding DACA, it seems that the OP is ONLY concerned about DACA.  There is much more that is necessary.  DACA can be used a bargaining sbait for other elements in a much more comprehensive bill.  Such as, eliminating  the visa lottery; ending "anchor babies" by defining it correctly;  Defining clearly what is meant, as the author of the 14th amendment used it, "under jurisdiction" has  always meant.
Regarding DACA specifically, only those currently 21 and older would qualify. They are adults and not under parental care any longer. End the whole idea for the future. 

Because there will be a fight with the RINO's, forget Dem's, lower the limit of immigrants to 300,000 or less, and no refugees if it is not for persecution.  The current Muslims that were categorized as refugees are NOT refugees.

Also, all legal immigrants entering the country will have a source of income by a sponsor, as it was in the past as well as a place to stay outside of government support.  No government support until they have been in this country 5 years.

Hopefully this cuts down of legal immigration, I'm all for a 5 year moratorium on all immigration, at least, and will cause those illegial already here to go back on their own.

Last but not least, add to the law that no state can circumvent federal law. No state can award privileges of citizens to illegals period.


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