Author Topic: Appears The Baker Will Win In SCOTUS  (Read 993 times)

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Appears The Baker Will Win In SCOTUS
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:06:26 AM »
I've been reading through the transcript of the same sex wedding cake BS, and it looks like most Justices are siding with the baker, in this case, that is, the ones on the right, while Sotomayer is looking like a fool in her bent to expand this subject to new heights, all the while ignoring the Free Speech issue at hand, she is trying to paint it as discrimination, when it is nothing of the sort..

JUSTICE BREYER: I'm asking can you do this? Can a baker say do this? Could the baker say, you know, there are a lot of people I don't want to serve, so I'm going to affiliate with my friend, Smith, who's down the street, and those people I don't want to serve, Smith will serve. Is that legal? Would that be legal under Colorado law? That'd be a kind of accommodation, so they get the cake. MR. YARGER: It would be, Your Honor Heritage Reporting Corporation
JUSTICE BREYER: It would be legal? MR. YARGER: No, no. JUSTICE BREYER: It would be illegal? MR. YARGER: You cannot turn away from your storefront if you're a retail store. JUSTICE BREYER: It's a  it's a joint venture. I have a regular affiliation with Smith. Smith and I work together. I serve the people he doesn't like, he serves the people I don't like. Does that violate the law? MR. YARGER: I don't  I would say that there's  there is a possibility that that does not violate the law if there is not some other pretext there to ensure that a disfavored class of customers receives lesser service. And that's always a question in a case like this. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Does it make a difference, was  was samesex marriage permitted in Colorado at the time of these events? MR. YARGER: It was not, Your Honor. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Does that make a difference? Heritage Reporting Corporation
 MR. YARGER: I don't think it does, Your Honor. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Could he have said I am not going to make a cake for, you know, celebrating events that aren't permitted in Colorado? MR. YARGER: Well, Mr. Chief Justice  may I answer? CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: You have five  more minutes. MR. YARGER: Oh. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: If you want. (Laughter.) MR. YARGER: I'll have to think about that, Your Honor. But in the meantime, there was nothing illegal about two gay people in 2012 in Colorado expressing their commitment to each other and celebrating that commitment with their loved ones. JUSTICE GINSBURG: Would Colorado be required to give full faith and credit to the Massachusetts marriage? MR. YARGER: Well, it certainly would today, Your Honor. JUSTICE ALITO: But it wouldn't at the Heritage Reporting Corporation

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Re: Appears The Baker Will Win In SCOTUS
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 07:05:16 AM »
Fingers crossed. I hope you are right.
If the baker is forced to provide service, then why are businesses
allowed to put up signs stating "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."


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