Author Topic: ACLU Sues Indiana Town Over Cross/Christmas Tree, Town Caves  (Read 567 times)

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ACLU Sues Indiana Town Over Cross/Christmas Tree, Town Caves
« on: December 13, 2016, 05:16:11 AM »
They may have won this battle, but they started a war.
I don't think this is over by a long shot, from this guy leaving town, to ever corner in town having a cross displayed by even non Christians.
How many work arounds can you come up with? My first move would be to place a giant Jesus behind the tree, by the time the court acts, Christmas is over for this year.

And on a side note, the cross was around long before Christianity.

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. – Knightstown residents say the Christmas tree on the square has lit up the downtown area for as long as they can remember.

Now, the town is facing a lawsuit, and the cross at the top of the tree might not be there much longer. The ACLU recently filed the suit against Knightstown on behalf of resident Joseph Tompkins.

On Friday evening, people living and shopping near the tree all said they were shocked one of their neighbors, in a town of 2,000, would take such steps.

“You gotta sit down and talk about it before you file the lawsuits,” said Knighstown resident Kevin Richey.

Richey says he believes Tompkins is entitled to his opinion, but he wishes he would’ve worked it out before taking legal action.

In the case filling documents, the ACLU presents Tompkins’ issue with the cross on top of the tree.

The suit alleges that the Latin cross “is the preeminent symbol of Christianity, representing the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus.” So if the display is religious, the suit argues, it has no business on town property.

“A couple weeks ago they had a crowd here,” said one of Joe’s relatives, Mark Tompkins. “Everybody was here. Everybody was fine with it. But now you’ve got one person, you know, out of everybody.”
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