Author Topic: "Gay marriage" destroys another pillar of civilization  (Read 9171 times)

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Re: "Gay marriage" destroys another pillar of civilization
« Reply #90 on: July 02, 2015, 04:36:25 AM »
What does the Bible say is the "wages" of sin?

You are EXCUSING the sin of homosexuality by pointing to other sins. It does NOT justify government ENDORSEMENT of homo marriage.  It's an ABOMINATION before God no matter how hard you work to justify sin.

This seems to be a very personal issue to you. I e seen it before. Are you "gay"?

You didn't show me to be wrong. In fact you confirmed exactly what I was saying. There is only one sin that is worse than another, and that is blasphemy of the holy ghost.

Not homosexuality. As some (on the right) would have us believe.

But thanks for affirming exactly what I was saying. Hahahaha

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Re: "Gay marriage" destroys another pillar of civilization
« Reply #91 on: July 19, 2015, 03:28:35 PM »

According to a recent AP-GFK poll, support for gay marriage among U.S. citizens has dropped six percentage points since their last poll in April, with more Americans disapproving of the Supreme Court ruling making gay marriage the law of the land than those approving it.

Rather than galvanizing Americans into a unified body, the Obergefell decision has left U.S. citizens more divided than ever on the question of gay marriage, after the court itself showed a deep divide on the issue. In an unprecedented move, the four opposing justices each published an independent dissent, leaving a mine of legal reasoning contrary to the majority opinion.

How fickle we are as a Nation.

The real shocker is only 56% of the people thought religious freedom should be protected!  WHAT!!   :scared:

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Re: "Gay marriage" destroys another pillar of civilization
« Reply #92 on: July 19, 2015, 08:04:07 PM »
Two points, Dori.

First, the tax exemption the churches are likely to lose has nothing to do with them paying taxes.  It is about a tax exemption for those who give money to churches.  Now, that money is tax deductible for the contributor..... not the church.  Church assets are not involved.  If they lose that status they will likely receive less contributions...... and possibly not be sustainable.

Second, you are absolutely correct about our churches not standing up for biblical teachings when it involves politics.   Part of that is because some fear loss of charitable organization status.  I think that fear is misplaced.  They should fear God more than Caesar. 

We have our National Independence from England largely because preachers across the colonies preached about our God given freedoms and the injustice of taxation without representation.  They became known as the Black Robed Brigade.  They caused men to rise up and resist the Crown and later join George Washington's Army.

Where is our Black Robed Brigade today?  Hiding behind their pulpits!

One point I'd like to make on charitable giving, especially monies vowed (tithes).  To me, why give it if you are expecting part of it back ?  It has always amazed me that you can never out-give God.  He owns it all and does not need our pitiful pittance, he just wants to see how much we love Him and that, among other things, by our freely giving. 
.If you want to lead the orchestra, you must turn your back to the crowd      Forbes

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