Author Topic: Digging out the VHS Machine - Star Wars !!!  (Read 998 times)

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Digging out the VHS Machine - Star Wars !!!
« on: January 02, 2016, 11:26:11 PM »
Bought a Star Wars DVD Trilogy.

It is messed up !

George Lucas began well, but soon evolved into a PC Pussy. Most notably, in the original Star Wars Hans Solo shot Greedo the Bounty Hunter FIRST.

Later George felt that inappropriate, and had Greed shoot at Hans, first, and missing, at a range on 30 inches. Pul-eeze.

So I am resolved, that, to view an old favorite, in the version that it won our hearts, I need to dredge the old VHS Machine from the attic, buy a VHS version of the film (somewhere), and watch it.

Keeping old crap is cool !

BTW, I may even look for an old VHS of ET. I've heard in the original the little girl spoke of "Terrorists" (removed), and the FBI carried GUNS (changed to Walkie-Talkies).

Next thing you know Dorothy will be convincing the Wicked Witch to "change her life around" instead of melting her ass.


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