Author Topic: Police officer moments after fatally shooting Iowa mom: I’m 'going to prison'  (Read 308 times)

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But ... He isn't! :closedeyes:

video at link

A Burlington police officer who accidentally killed a mother standing in her yard with her toddler told another officer he was going to prison just minutes after the January 2015 shooting, records released Wednesday by order of a federal judge show.

“I pulled my gun and shot it and I hit her,” a frantic Officer Jesse Hill told Officer Tim Merryman, according to Hill's body camera video. “Oh, my God, no! Oh, f---, Tim! S---, Tim! I’m f------- going to prison, Tim!”

The shooting occurred soon after Hill responded to a report of a domestic dispute during which he said the family's dog attacked him.

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This is interesting footage. I wonder why I never saw this until now, but after looking at the footage (which is hard to watch) It seems like the claim he's made about being attacked by the dog could be true. I could hear it barking and growling, but you can't see it from the footage. It's always hard with cases like these because she really did seem innocent, although there was a skirmish at the beginning of the clip. I'd say that this was an accidental shooting, but we've seen what's happened in similar cases before. I wonder if anything will come of this.


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