Author Topic: Pedophiles Joining LGBTQ  (Read 359 times)

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Pedophiles Joining LGBTQ
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:43:06 AM »
A look into another sick mind, in a sea of perversion.

Clovergender people are children trapped in adult bodies, struggling to live adult lives in a world that doesn't understand them.
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Re: Pedophiles Joining LGBTQ
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2017, 01:54:14 PM »
Remember this a few years back?  “TWO DADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE”

Where ABC news was pushing the fag agenda of two fathers or two mothers was a better arrangemen=t than the nuclear family, how to disagree made one a bigot and homophobe?
Well, here's the news you never heard.

OK, here's the original story, but the full piece of leftist bull shit is at the link below.

14 July, 2010 5:04PM
By Ginger Gorman
Two dads are better than one
Becoming parents was hard work for gay couple, Pete and Mark but they'd do
it all over again if they had to.

A shiny child's bike lies on its side on the front lawn of an
immaculate garden.

"I think that even if one of us was a woman, we wouldn't
have had the same suspicions and problems that we went
Thinking back to the police visit, Pete said the police
seemed to want reassurance that the situation was 'right'.
They checked if the couple had equipment to raise a child
like a bed, clothes and bottles.
Mark said he's sure that they were under suspicion of
paedophilia. But despite the difficulties, he said the couple
would do it again with no hesitation.
"We're a family just like any other family," he said with

Here's the updated version, one I never heard a peep about.
Yes, that's the boy they raped.

Two Dads Are Better Than One: Gay Man Gets 40-Year Sentence for Molesting Boy He Adopted From Russia

Prosecutors say Truong and Newton bought the boy from a woman in a "foreign" country, believed to be Russia, and then transported him around the world to engage in sex with more than half a dozen other men, all before his sixth birthday.
The baby then became a jewel in a global pedophile network that Truong and Newton were members of.
They sexually assaulted the baby, recorded the assaults on high definition video cameras, then passed on the videos to other pedophiles. Truong went by the screen name “Plopper” on pedophile internet sites.
The network is a forum for men who describe sexual abuse of boys between the ages of two and 10 as a form of consensual love between man and boy.
Police say they won't rest until all the men involved in the network have been caught.
Koolaid is for kids, TEA is for adults


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