Author Topic: Ousted Fox News Anchor Eric Bolling's 19-Year-Old Son Dead in Apparent Suicide:  (Read 273 times)

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The 19-year-old son of Fox News host and contributor Eric Bolling was found dead on Friday.

The Huffington Post reported Saturday that Eric Chase Bolling, Jr. died in Boulder, Colorado, where, according to his Facebook, he was studying economics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

“Very sad news, Eric Bolling’s son, who was only 19, died last night. By all accounts, Eric was incredibly devoted to his son. Heartbreaking,” HuffPo contributor Yashar Ali wrote on Twitter. “The one thing I heard from people consistently: he was a devoted dad.”

Bolling did confirm the news Saturday afternoon on Twitter, saying that he and his wife are “devastated” and that details are still unclear.
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