Author Topic: Natural gas the leading cause for decline of coal, not renewables  (Read 357 times)

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No, you nimrod libs, it was capitalism that killed coal.

A much-anticipated Energy Department study of the electric grid released Wednesday night points to abundant natural gas from fracking as the leading cause for the decline in coal and nuclear power plants and calls on federal agencies to make changes that would stave off the loss of more coal-fired and nuclear power plants.

It does not blame solar and wind energy for the drop in those power plants as critics had anticipated. Nor does it completely blame Environmental Protection Agency rules for the decline.

The "top driver is the low cost of natural gas," said an Energy Department official briefing reporters Wednesday afternoon. But that doesn't mean renewable energy hasn't had an effect, officials said.

Because solar and wind are intermittent, more of a burden is placed on fossil fuel generators to fill in the gaps in electricity production when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing, the officials said.

"The recent and unprecedented rise of natural gas as a top electricity generation resource, the increasing [renewable energy] penetration, the flattening of electricity demand growth, and a host of policy issues — regulations, mandates and subsidies at the state and federal levels — have negatively impacted traditional baseload generation, particularly coal and nuclear power plants," according to the findings. Baseload plants are those that are able to provide power around the clock.


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