Author Topic: Half the Grads at Highly Lauded D.C. School Had Three Months of Unexcused Absenc  (Read 697 times)

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Half the Grads at Highly Lauded D.C. School Had Three Months of Unexcused Absences.

Washington, D.C., is broken in more ways than one. Among its litany of failures and absurdities, our nation's capital is graduating high school students who rarely go to class.

Last year, every graduating senior from D.C.'s Ballou High School was accepted into college. All 164 of them. This was notable because Ballou High School has historically had a very low graduation rate and has seen the majority of its students academically underachieve.

The national media was quick to praise Ballou High School's success. To their credit, NPR, which initially praised the school, dug a little deeper and uncovered the truth.

The investigation revealed that "Ballou High School's administration graduated dozens of students despite high rates of unexcused absences.... Half of the graduates missed more than three months of school last year, unexcused."

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Well, they have to graduate them, earned or not, lest they be RACISTS!!
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