Author Topic: Vegetarians don't get laid, often  (Read 707 times)

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Vegetarians don't get laid, often
« on: January 01, 2018, 03:22:58 PM »
Can't make this stuff up.
42% of meat eaters but only 16% of vegetarians have sex once a week or more

Once a week or more...?   and I thought they say Americans have sexual hangups!   

Perhaps unsurprisingly, vegetarians expressed doubts about the poll. Sandra O'Sullivan, 41, of Hastings, East Sussex, said the research was 'crazy', adding: 'Vegetarians have as much sex as anyone else, although I must admit it's been a while for me now. I'm not tempted to start eating meat – I'll take my chances and stick to tofu.'

Truth be told... she probably can't recall the last time, or it wasn't worth recalling... meh.  "It's been a while for me now."   Probably anemic looking, a real turn-on, eh?   Wifey says too much Soy products might interfere with normal bodily functions - like hormone & pheromone production... that funky stuff that men go crazy over & fall in love... when you get close to them, guys know what I'm talking about, she's the most beautiful girl you ever knew... and "she's still got it" whatever that is.

Gareth Simpson, 36, of Edinburgh, Scotland, said he started each day with a bacon roll and often had steak for dinner - and romped with his girlfriend at least twice a week.
The kitchen designer said: 'I've always eaten meat - it's a rare day when I don't have a bacon roll.
'Now I know its linked to my sex life I'm not giving it up - in fact, I'm going to eat more.' 

Twice a week....?   :lol:  That's it?   :lol:  Maybe it's a Eco-conservation thing, trying to cut back on washing the sheets from daily to weekly...?    :ttoung:
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