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Two nuns
« on: February 13, 2013, 11:25:44 AM »

Two nuns driving back to the convent late one night when all of a sudden a vampire lands on the hood of their car.

Much screaming ensues - then the driving nun tries the windshield wipers and the wash (full of holy water of course) but the vampire just bears his fangs and hisses a them.

More screaming - then the first nun remembers she has a Blutwurst in her handbag (don't ask why) so she rolls the window down and starts beating the vampire with it but he just grabs it from her and throws it into the road.

Cue lots more screaming.

First nun then turns to the passenger nun and says "Quick! Quick! Show him your cross!"

Second nun rolls her window down, leans out and screams,
"Oi you big toothed bastard. Get the fuck off our car"! 
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