Author Topic: It's all about the aim..... and who's betting whom on what....  (Read 442 times)

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It's all about the aim..... and who's betting whom on what....
« on: September 16, 2017, 02:01:53 PM »
It was a boisterous crowd in Clancy's Bar last Saturday night. A young fellow left his half-dozen friends at one of the tables and approached the bar, where Clancy himself was polishing the glasses.

The young man said, "Clancy, I've been told you're a bettin' man."

"Aye, from time to time I am," Clancy said, "depending o' course upon the bet."

"Well," the young man stated, "I'm willing to place a wager that you can set your largest beer mug at the far end of the bar, and I'll climb up and stand on this end of the bar, and I'll piss in that mug and not lose a drop."

"You're daft," Clancy said. "You can't do it. I'd bet me life on it."

"Ah, but will you bet twenty pounds?" the young man asked.

"Done!" was Clancy's reply.

Quick as a wink, the owner placed his largest crystal mug at the far end of the bar and the young fellow clambered up onto the near end, at least fifteen feet away from the mug. Of course, every eye in the tavern was on the activity, as the young man unbuttoned his fly, pulled out his manhood, and turned his bladder loose. Not one drop struck the mug. The young fellow pissed on everything except the mug, including Clancy's shiny bar, his polished glasses, his taps, his freshly laundered bar towels, and whatever else was in range. The crowd erupted in laughter, and Clancy himself fell to his knees laughing, with tears on his cheeks, at the sight of the fool trying to squirt the length of his bar.

When his bladder was drained, the young man rebuttoned his trousers and climbed down off the bar. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a 20-pound note, which he proffered to Clancy, who was still laughing hysterically.

"My God, boy!" Clancy exclaimed between laughs. "Did you really think you could do it?"

"Oh, no," replied the lad. "I knew I'd never hit that mug."

"Well then, son. Why did you place such a foolish wager?" asked Clancy.

The boy explained. "Well, you see my mates at that table over there? Before I came over to talk to you, I bet every one of them a hundred pounds apiece that you'd agree to let me piss all over your bar and you'd laugh about it."
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Re: It's all about the aim..... and who's betting whom on what....
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