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De plane, de plane!
« on: February 28, 2017, 04:54:06 AM »
Woman: Do you drink beer? Man: Yes.

Woman: How many beers a day? Man: Usually about three.

Woman: How much do you pay per beer? Man: Five dollars.

Woman: How long have you been drinking? Man: About 20 years.

Woman: So, a beer costs five dollars and you have three a day. That adds up to $450-a-month or $5,400-a-year. Over 20 years, not accounting for inflation, that means you’ve spent $108,000. Correct? Man: Correct.

Woman: Don’t you realize that if you didn’t drink beer, that money could have been placed in a step-up interest savings account, and with compound interest for 20 years, you could have bought an airplane? Man: Do you drink beer?

Woman: No. Man: So, where’s your airplane?


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