Author Topic: A RABBI IN THE CONFESSIONAL  (Read 756 times)

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A  priest was called away for an emergency. Not wanting to leave the  confessional unattended, he called his rabbi friend from across the  street and asked him to cover for him. The rabbi told him he wouldn't  know what to say, but the priest told him to come on over and he'd stay  with him for a little bit and show him what to do.
The rabbi  comes over, and he and the priest are in the confessional. In a few  minutes a woman comes in and says, "Father, forgive me for I have  sinned." The priest asks, "What did you do?". The woman says, "I  committed adultery." Priest: "How many times?" Woman: "Three times."  Priest: "Say two Hail Mary's, put $5 in the box and go and sin no more."
A  few minutes later a man enters the confessional. He says, "Father,  forgive me for I have sinned." Priest: "What did you do?" Man: "I  committed adultery." Priest:"How many times?" Man: "Three times."  Priest: "Say two Hail Mary's put $5 in the box and go and sin no more."
The rabbi tells the priest that he thinks he's got it so the priest leaves.
A  few minutes later another woman enters and says, "Father, forgive me  for I have sinned." Rabbi: "What did you do?" Woman: "I committed  adultery." Rabbi: "How many times?" Woman: "Once." Rabbi: "Go do it two  more times. We have a special this week, three for $5."


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