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[MSM Distraction News] Black Hooters, MAGA Hat, Triggered SJW, just for laughs, enjoy Solar 39 2
[MSM Distraction News] 2020 Democrat Presidential Circus supsalemgr 30 2
[Jokes] They work in Congress. walkstall 20 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Kamala Harris announces she is running for president in 2020 walkstall 20 0
[Jokes] Soooo Much Truth In This One Solar 51 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] There's a Crack Forming In Fuglosi's Wall Solar 60 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Protecting Rural Land owners Again Solar 48 0
[TV] The Man in the High Castle vs Democrats Rotwang 66 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Pull their broadcast licenses! slider1 248 9
[Movies] Leslie Jones Slams New 'Ghostbusters' Film: "It's Like Something Trump Would Do" Sick Of Silence 27 1
[Scams] Scammer Revolts taxed 32 0
[Videos] Creation just came to an end. Bronx 61 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] A solution for the furloughed workers taxed 170 8
[War Forum] ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Star R. Lee Ermey Buried with Honors at Arlington Sick Of Silence 67 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Advertisers Flee Ben Shapiro in Wake of Criticism Over ‘Baby Hitler’ Comments Sick Of Silence 235 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Why isn’t Pelosi guilty of Treason? slider1 300 13
[Political Discussion and Debate] Media Busted: For Lies About Marxist Native American Solar 315 15
[Political Discussion and Debate] The remains of 127 dead migrants were recovered in southern Arizona in 2018 mrclose 66 1
[Science and Technology] I Want One!!! Solar 87 0
[MSM Distraction News] Roseanne Barr Calls Natalie Portman "Repulsive," Defends Kevin Hart Sick Of Silence 40 0
[Sports] WOW...Gladys Knight takes a stand in defense of the National Anthem. Bronx 131 1
[History] Happy Birthday to Robert E. Lee! Mr King 102 0
[Jokes] BIG AND WIDE stewball 92 0
[MSM Distraction News] Wow! Mueller debunks lame stream media slider1 124 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Mueller team disputes BuzzFeed report claiming Trump told Cohen to lie mrclose 165 7
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump: I will be making a major announcement Solar 562 17
[Political Discussion and Debate] China Offers a Path to Eliminate U.S. Trade Imbalance Bronx 45 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Send a Brick to Chuck and Nancy Solar 137 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] The NWS: your forecast is worse because of the Shut Down Solar 163 3
[MSM Distraction News] Drudge admits his polling is for sale to the highest bidder Solar 111 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Denies Aircraft for Pelosi Trip mrclose 592 21
[Political Discussion and Debate] RINO's Still In Charge In The House supsalemgr 60 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Lori Hendry Solar 142 2
[The Nut House] My response to James Watson Refuses to cuck alienhand 374 15
[The Constitution] I will not comply Solar 153 0
[Financial] NYC restaurants cutting staff hours as minimum wage hits $15 Solar 237 3
[TV] Chris Hansen From ‘To Catch a Predator’ Has Been Arrested In Connecticut Solar 53 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] California set to seize 1,100 miles of coastline mrclose 173 2
[MSM Distraction News] Meghan McCain Clashes With View Hosts Over GOP and Race: Sick Of Silence 151 2
[The Nut House] James Watson refuses to cuck Rebecca 192 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Pelosi Asks Trump To Delay State Of The Union supsalemgr 728 22
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump's shutdown trap? taxed 236 4
[MSM Distraction News] CNN Analyst Calls Out Fox News’ David Webb On-Air For ‘White Privilege’. Bronx 227 5
[Miscellaneous] Sweden Wants a Return To Patriarchy Solar 96 0
[Healthy Living] Pet Food Recall Solar 194 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Gillette Slits Its Own Throat Solar 1009 29
[Political Discussion and Debate] TikTok taxed 161 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Dan Bongino shreds the FBI over Trump probe taxed 51 0
[MSM Distraction News] Bill Maher Billboard Targeted By Conservative Street Artists Sick Of Silence 159 2
[Sports] Travis Scott Wouldn't Play Super Bowl Halftime Without Charitable Commitment Sick Of Silence 266 0
[Jokes] My Living Will WoodBurner 325 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Newsguard a NeoCon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media Bronx 84 0
[Entertainment] Roseanne Barr Says Anti-Semitism 'Played a Large Part' in Her Firing by ABC Sick Of Silence 103 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] deBlasio Shows The Left's Real Desires supsalemgr 211 3
[TV] Meghan McCain explains how she really feels about Joy Behar Sick Of Silence 250 2
[MSM Distraction News] Ocasio-Cortez mocks aging Joe Lieberman Solar 144 2
[MSM Distraction News] Witness: Davis police officer was ambushed by bystander who then targeted .. mrclose 214 2
[Videos] 85 years old singer on America's Got Talent Bronx 117 0
[MSM Distraction News] Gorka: Ruth Bader Ginsburg mrclose 168 4
[Entertainment] Rob Schneider Slams the Academy Over Kevin Hart Hosting Drama Sick Of Silence 128 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Seattle TV editor fired after Trump video appears altered walkstall 221 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Saudi Monument to Allah Erected at the World Trade Center Bronx 453 8
[Political Discussion and Debate] POLL: 79 PERCENT OF AMERICANS THINK BORDER IS IN ‘CRISIS’ OR IS A ‘PROBLEM’ Solar 858 24
[MSM Distraction News] Elizabeth Warren Announces Her Presidential Run. The Boo Man... 337 10
[Miscellaneous] Girls, 12 and 14, accused of murdering mom after being punished ... mrclose 122 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Social media wastes no time erupting with Chuck and Nancy 'disappointed parent' mrclose 133 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Mexican Minister Talks About Securing Her Own Country's Southern Border Solar 61 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] John Doyle nails it taxed 157 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery taxed 87 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Broward Sheriff Scott Israel being suspended over Parkland response Solar 305 8
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump's SOTU Speech Solar 420 12
[MSM Distraction News] A Second Man Dies in Home of Democratic Donor Bronx 189 4
[Survival Tips] Man Sells Junk Guns To Buy-Back Program, Buys New Gun With Cash Solar 418 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] The MSM's worst Nightmare, President to address Nation on Border Security Live Billy's bayonet 325 7
[Political Discussion and Debate] Five Members of Mexican Sex Trafficking Organization Sentenced to Prison Solar 115 2
[Jokes] There was a preacher midcan5 73 0
[Jokes] A young Arab boy.... WoodBurner 325 1
[Financial] Put A Tighter Hold On Your Wallet Solar supsalemgr 448 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] NY Slimes Inadvertently Proves Govt Is Too Big Solar 97 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] California and Los Angeles County to Remove 1.5 Million Inactive Voters Solar 252 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Dims Caught in a Vice, Trump Will Build The Wall Solar 900 21
[Political Discussion and Debate] RECORD NUMBER WORKING MANUFACTURING BEST IN 20 YEARS Solar 176 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Freedom Fund Border Wall Petition. Solar 237 5
[Financial] Fed chief Jerome Powell says he would not resign if Trump asks Solar 100 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Hank "Guam Tipping Over" Johnson, speaks again. Solar 309 8
[The Nut House] Looks like the old dims will have to up their game s3779m 192 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump taking it to the people since the media will not. Bronx 448 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Robert Mueller's lifelong criminal career je_freedom 655 8
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump wants ISIS and Taliban to fight till death Solar 343 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] New Conservative Satire Website, The Nightly Tribune tnt1635 163 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Women’s March in Calif. canceled due to over-whiteness Solar 167 3
[The Nut House] Have you ordered your mattress yet? milos 125 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Dems' 'Obsession' With Trump Is Eroding Their Party Solar 324 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Why Sweden Dropped Socialism For Free Mkt Capitalism Solar 222 2
[The Living Room] Happy New Year To All! supsalemgr 326 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Hassan Khomeini, Grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini, Regime Could Collapse Solar 226 2
[Healthy Living] Columbia River Natural Pet Foods RECALL Solar 545 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Liberals In Panic All Across The Country (OT), Kinda Solar 651 11
[MSM Distraction News] 'Bizarre Foods' Host Andrew Zimmern Sparks Outrage With Chinese Food Comment Sick Of Silence 180 0
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