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[Political Discussion and Debate] More Forum Than Just Poli admin 13 0
[Financial] Caliburger To Use First Robot Burger Flipper Solar 9 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] If Russians Are Guilty, Why Isn't Obozo Being Prosecuted? Solar 10 0
[Miscellaneous] Argentine dad poses as 11-year-old daughter, beats up her sexual harasser Solar 15 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] VA's chief of staff steps down after travel flap walkstall 21 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Federal Judge Says Embedding a Tweet Can Be Copyright Infringement walkstall 24 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is Nonsense taxed 72 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] U.S. Grand Jury Indicts 13 Russian Nationals, Three Entities in Alleged Election Solar 154 17
[The Living Room] Thank you CasND 51 4
[The Living Room] Thieves with morals? Solar 27 1
[Miscellaneous] What Would You Do In This Case? Solar 40 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Happy New Year China Solar 55 4
[Movies] Black Panther Solar 43 2
[MSM Distraction News] Watch For Flynn To be Found Innocent Soon Solar 64 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses walkstall 85 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Rape crisis in Europe CPSavage 125 12
[Jokes] Burglary 101... Solar 47 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] BUSTED: DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Caught Hiding Wife’s Payments From Fusion GPS Solar 122 12
[Political Discussion and Debate] Dems: Bill Clinton too toxic to campaign in midterms Solar 60 4
[MSM Distraction News] 1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Shooting at Douglas High School mrclose 172 15
[Music] Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud walkstall 20 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Remember the Dim Memo? Solar 204 12
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump To Squishies on DACA, Get your Shit Together Solar 135 10
[War Forum] Low Recruit Discipline Prompts Army to Redesign Basic Training walkstall 60 5
[Science and Technology] Scientists Unearth Hope for New Antibiotics walkstall 55 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Why dictators promote mass migration je_freedom 66 1
[MSM Distraction News] GOP Candidate's Parents Donate Max Amount to Help His Opponent Solar 41 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump To End Fed EBT/Food Stamp Scam? Solar 134 10
[Political Discussion and Debate] Racist Con-Man: Obama’s Portrait Artist, Who Hires Cheap Chinese Labor To Paint Solar 63 3
[Jokes] New Border Wall walkstall 51 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Obozo Official Portrait Photo Shopped Solar 312 22
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Budget Funds SC through 2019 Sauce 103 6
[Jokes] Old Navy Pilot ... PeterR 39 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] “Mike” is Out – Michael P Kortan Quits FBI… walkstall 81 2
[Jokes] I know I am an old sick fart... walkstall 29 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] U.S. Department of Homeland Security: NBC Is Fake News Solar 95 6
[MSM Distraction News] Obama Portrait Artist Likes to Paint African-American Women Holding Heads ... mrclose 106 9
[Financial] Unilever warns social media to clean up “toxic” content walkstall 21 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Growing number of state laws are passed or introduced focusing on campus free sp walkstall 58 2
[Financial] L.L. Bean Drops Life-Time Guarantee walkstall 79 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Peeling back the layers of Hillary Clinton’s deceit Bronx 55 1
[Jokes] Trans-Fats Solar 31 0
[Conspiracy Forum] Russian source behind fake Trump dossier killed in Russian plane crash, Rosatom Dubinsky 113 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] CIA Ex-Director Brennan's Perjury Peril Coming Soon Solar 207 16
[Political Discussion and Debate] Top 12 Sanctuary Cities walkstall 79 3
[Survival Tips] Anyone else been following this? Solar 91 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] You Created Us! Solar 72 2
[Jokes] Liberals? supsalemgr 51 1
[MSM Distraction News] Newsweek Editors to Exec: "What You're Doing is Bullshit" Solar 90 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Democrat politicians show their true sentiments je_freedom 207 11
[Political Discussion and Debate] Sudden FBI departures indicate that the jig is up walkstall 162 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Sadly, Another Black History Month walkstall 71 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Signs Budget Bill Solar 153 7
[Financial] India's antitrust watchdog fines Google for abusing dominant position walkstall 66 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] A interesting pre election Dem article Sauce 170 8
[Political Discussion and Debate] DREAMers Threaten To Leave The Country If Congress Doesn't Reach A DACA Deal Solar 199 9
[Healthy Living] Trump wants terminally ill Americans to have access to better treatment Solar 138 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] FBI Missed Clinton Emails Openly MARKED Classified, Wanted To Conclude Probe Bef walkstall 56 1
[Miscellaneous] Newsweek in ‘disarray’ as top sales executive resigns walkstall 86 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Nunes May go to SC to get FISA Answers Sauce 67 1
[Miscellaneous] Robberies Of Ga. Tech Students Continue supsalemgr 27 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Democrats expand battleground, target 101 GOP seats Solar 230 14
[Political Discussion and Debate] Fuglosi Solar 72 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Hillary Uranium 1 Connection Solar 44 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Former Attorney General Eric Holder Considers Run for President Solar 118 8
[Miscellaneous] Black Lives Matter activist who took down Confederate flag on TV fatally shot in walkstall 44 1
[MSM Distraction News] Anyone listening to Beck right now? Solar 176 11
[Financial] Amother Democrat Distraction supsalemgr 60 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Wins Again supsalemgr 157 8
[Survival Tips] Sparta TN Sheriff Faces Federal Lawsuit After Bodycam Footage Released Solar 89 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Adam Schiff - Shoppin for Trump Porn with Russian Prankster Sauce 231 15
[Political Discussion and Debate] Inspector General Reveals Laptops Mysteriously Missing From Elizabeth Warren’s C Solar 125 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] "potus wants to know everything we are doing" supsalemgr 123 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Where Does a Corrupt Dim Go After They're Fired? Solar 49 0
[Science and Technology] Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates all traces of cancer in mice Solar 114 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Podesta Documents Suggest Scalia Assassination Solar 156 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Clinton associates fed information to Trump dossier author Steele, memo says walkstall 117 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Dem Judge Arrested After FBI Descends on Texas District Court Solar 141 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] The TP Senate MIIs (Missing In Inaction) Sauce 98 3
[Miscellaneous] Beer & Politics How it all began walkstall 70 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] The Berlin Wall has now been down for as long as it was up Solar 69 1
[Sports] Concussions and Protests: Football’s popularity drops walkstall 168 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Enter Lisa Barsoomian, wife of Rod Rosenstein mrclose 173 5
[Sports] Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson struck, killed by suspected drunk driver mrclose 129 0
[Sports] Black Lives Matter and Antifa Block Trains to Super Bowl Stadium (VIDEO) mrclose 41 1
[Jokes] Bad Day? Solar 145 1
[Miscellaneous] Nigger Bar History & the Ballou/Scharmann Letters Solar 41 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Former CIA Official Threatens Trump Solar 140 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trey Gowdy: 'I've Been a Pretty Lousy Politician' Solar 97 4
[Sports] The Super Bowl, Brought To You By Taxpayers: walkstall 142 2
[Miscellaneous] Morgan Freeman: 'Jailing Hillary Clinton Only Way to Take Down the Elite' walkstall 61 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] McCON-nel Wants Mitten for a Republican Leadership Position Solar 477 32
[MSM Distraction News] UN Swedish Open Borders Marxist Killed In Africa Solar 79 2
[MSM Distraction News] "Give Me One Minute" Solar 69 1
[MSM Distraction News] (OT)Something a little different Dubinsky 106 4
[Jokes] Caption This Solar 73 0
[Jokes] Nancy Pelosi walkstall 78 0
[Financial] Market Sell Off - This Is Normal supsalemgr 134 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] MEMO Released Solar 555 23
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