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[Political Discussion and Debate] Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae Korean 'peace regime' to end nuclear conflict Solar 8 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] What The LSM Won't Mention, Slave Labor Solar 12 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] James O'Keefe Does It Again Solar 38 0
[The Nut House] Cave Diver Sues Elon Musk Solar 21 0
[Financial] Hey Libs, It Isn't The Economy, Stupid! Solar 146 8
[Political Discussion and Debate] Communist Eric Holder Speaks Solar 59 1
[Religion Forum] Ronald Reagan's Letter to His Father In-law Solar 67 0
[Miscellaneous] School Brings Back Paddling Solar 294 18
[Jokes] Stopped by the Ford Dealership Solar 141 1
[MSM Distraction News] US Coast Guard member removed after making offensive "ok" sign Mr King 76 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] AP FACT CHECK: Obama Lies Solar 110 0
[The Nut House] Weatherman dramatically braces for Hurricane Florence while 2 guys casually.. mrclose 274 8
[Music] Willie Nelson Free Concert To Back Commie ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Solar 71 2
[History] Atlantis finally found? New theory. T Hunt 153 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Leftists Remove Spanish Historical Monument From SF Solar 68 2
[Religion Forum] It's 'Unchristian' to End Legal Abortion Solar 270 12
[Miscellaneous] Evergreen State College freshmen enrollment drops to 300 students, professor say walkstall 106 1
[Miscellaneous] Anyone remember Solar 85 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] How to Get Around Twitter Ban of Term “Illegal Alien” Sick Of Silence 100 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] California city OKs jail time for defying plastic straw ban Sick Of Silence 100 2
[The Nut House] Robots can become 'racist and sexist' all on their own, study finds Mr King 78 1
[Financial] U.S. World’s Largest Crude Oil Producer Solar 161 0
[Miscellaneous] Seven NYPD members arrested in connection with prostitution, gambling ring walkstall 100 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Reddit bans Qanon subreddits after months of violent threats Solar 238 7
[Miscellaneous] Police officer moments after fatally shooting Iowa mom: I’m 'going to prison' mrclose 52 1
[Science and Technology] Blackberry Advice Needed ConservativeInCT 129 3
[The Living Room] Suggestions For Online Employment ConservativeInCT 198 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump administration diverted nearly $10 million from FEMA to ICE walkstall 510 21
[Miscellaneous] The FDA Want's E-Cig Regulations ConservativeInCT 73 2
[The Nut House] Seattle Man Pleads Guilty to Cyberstalking Campaign Solar 115 2
[Miscellaneous] Illegal immigrants cited in theft of 39 million Social Security numbers walkstall 48 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] FLORIDA senator singlehandedly blocks disaster relief bill! je_freedom 207 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump to target foreign meddling in U.S. elections with sanctions Solar 73 1
[MSM Distraction News] We must not let feminist extremes destroy people's lives. OzBloke1945 171 5
[Jokes] HURRICANE mrclose 217 2
[History] 9/11 walkstall 187 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Young blood could be the secret to long-lasting health Solar 58 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] N.K. leader offered denuclearization in 2 years Solar 101 3
[MSM Distraction News] Omarosa's New Trump Tapes ConservativeInCT 101 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Benghazi hero responds to Obama saying Benghazi is a 'conspiracy theory' Mr King 49 0
[Miscellaneous] The rise of post-truth liberalism Solar 62 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Admin. Closes PLO Office in Washington Solar 340 18
[The Nut House] David Hogg Makes A Fool Of Himself In Canada, Gets Mic Taken Away walkstall 56 1
[MSM Distraction News] Louisiana mayor bans Nike purchases for recreation programs: memo Sick Of Silence 146 6
[The Nut House] Darwin Nominee Solar 76 3
[Jokes] Oldie, but goody Solar 83 0
[Sports] Giants were fools not to trade the over the hill Eli Manning. ldub23 211 1
[Healthy Living] Muscle Spasms? Solar 154 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Cruz Opponent Wants VFW to Take Down Their American Flags Solar 217 7
[Sports] Still Kneeling Solar 321 14
[Sports] Congratulations Naomi Osaka On US Open Win Solar 250 5
[Financial] grant strike authorization against U.S. Steel in Granite City. Solar 181 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] North Korea is holding a huge military parade Solar 119 3
[TV] Trump on old Top Gear USA Sick Of Silence 78 0
[Music] History Repeats Itself - By Culture Shock Culture Shock 93 1
[MSM Distraction News] This is why we just filed a criminal complaint against Brett Kavanaugh mrclose 79 1
[Sports] Do they ever play a tough golf course on the PGA any longer? ldub23 313 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Is This Mueller's Scalp supsalemgr 155 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] TRUMP: PENTAGON WILL BUILD WALL Solar 436 22
[War Forum] School lessons on the Alamo should cut 'heroic' description, Texas panel advises Mr King 146 0
[MSM Distraction News] Trumps Crowd Size Bigger Than Obamas T Hunt 363 17
[TV] Are people so stupid... Sick Of Silence 83 1
[Miscellaneous] Too Lazy For Laundry? Solar 104 5
[Miscellaneous] Cop Mistakes Apartment For Her Own, Kills Her Neighbor mrclose 108 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Bad News Solar 253 8
[Science and Technology] Bad Precedent Solar 180 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Grand Jury Impaneled to Probe Fired FBI EXO Andrew McCabe Billy's bayonet 64 2
[History] The 1950s Science Kit That Had Real Uranium mrclose 258 6
[The Constitution] Who really rules?(Constitution) mrclose 434 8
[Political Discussion and Debate] Jack Dorsey Admits Twitter "Unfairly" Shadow-banning 600,000+ Conservatives Counter Globalist 133 5
[Movies] Burt Reynolds Dead at 82 Solar 189 4
[War Forum] Korean War vet, 98, walks 12 miles each day to see ailing wife Mr King 34 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] FINALLY, Massive Voter Fraud Investigation T Hunt 169 7
[Miscellaneous] You Can't Outrun a K-9 Unit Breaking, Just Released Solar 91 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump To Declassify the 20 FISA Docs Previously Redacted Solar 816 38
[Political Discussion and Debate] Commie upsets 10-term incumbent Rep. Dim in Massachusetts Solar 339 14
[Political Discussion and Debate] Goog, Twitt, Facebook, Apple slapped with class-action lawsuit over conservative Solar 144 5
[Financial] Facistbook Dying Solar 294 2
[Jokes] Politician Lie Detector test - classic Carson Solars Toy 193 1
[The Nut House] Cindy McCain KICKED to the Curb ! Rotwang 160 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Rahm Emanuel says he will not seek reelection: Solar 475 9
[Political Discussion and Debate] ThisIsGonnaBeGood! Cadescove 394 18
[Miscellaneous] Dorothy's stolen ruby slippers from 'The Wizard of Oz' walkstall 181 6
[MSM Distraction News] Monica Lewinsky Stormed Offstage walkstall 148 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Nike Commits suicide Solar 694 28
[Political Discussion and Debate] Brett Kavanaugh Senate Confirmation Hearing Solar 1711 90
[Political Discussion and Debate] McStain ‘Godfather’, ‘leader’, and ‘real Supreme Guide’ of Muslim Brotherhood Solar 150 4
[Financial] Aretha Franklin Left No Will supsalemgr 289 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] While Media Bashes Trump over McCain Funeral, President Lends... walkstall 68 0
[Jokes] What do you call a hairy, bull-dyke-ish, extremist feminist? Sick Of Silence 184 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Comments that speak the honest truth Sick Of Silence 76 1
[Financial] Companies ditch college degree requirements for jobs Solar 316 8
[Jokes] New Viagra Names Solar 138 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Blowback When Leftists Act Like, ummm Leftists Solar 335 18
[Financial] Jobs walkstall 196 2
[Music] Vote Republican Song- The Deplorable Choir Mr King 103 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Violent #Antifa Group Plans “Red Army” To “Annihilate” Conservatives Counter Globalist 334 7
[Movies] Just Another Leftist Movie To Avoid Solar 191 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Democratic leader's call for In-N-Out Burger boycott, Backfiires Solar 110 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Threatens To Kill NAFTA Solar 172 6
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