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[Miscellaneous] This makes want to fuckin scream Solar 1 0
[Jokes] Seenager Solars Toy 3 0
[MSM Distraction News] Words Escape Me, Black Culture on Display? Solar 5 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Results of Leftist affirmative-action Solar 12 2
[Jokes] Grandpa Didn't Make it--- Lifted for oldcoot walkstall 11 1
[History] Happy Moon Day Ghoulardi 19 1
[MSM Distraction News] The Democrats Unveiled a New Slogan and It's Infuriatingly Stupid Ms.Independence 50 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Run Maxine, Run Solar 117 16
[MSM Distraction News] Teacher Calls Students Racist,She Shows Up to a Class to Find a “Decorated” Room mrclose 28 0
[Science and Technology] New HMS Queen Elizabeth runs on...Windows XP? quiller 11 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] McCain reportedly has a brain tumor quiller 350 50
[2018 Tea Party Candidate Vetting] Senate (special election) - AL - Mo Brooks taxed 35 2
[Miscellaneous] Christy Brinkley at 63 Solar 60 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] The Coming Conservative Movement. Solar 160 12
[Political Discussion and Debate] Erickson nails it - RINOs vs conservatives taxed 84 4
[2018 Tea Party Candidate Vetting] Senate - MI - Robert Ritchie (Kid Rock) taxed 92 7
[Political Discussion and Debate] Please get well, Mrs. Pelosi taxed 265 22
[Political Discussion and Debate] ICE chief plans on sending hundreds of agents to sanctuary cities mrclose 92 6
[Movies] Ever Wonder Why the Left Despises Walt Disney? Solar 42 2
[Financial] What Does The Future Hold? Solar 67 5
[MSM Distraction News] Lib Calls Cops On Little Girl Selling Lemonade Solar 116 10
[Political Discussion and Debate] Remember Communist Breastfeeding Australian? Solar 162 9
[Jokes] Short Joke quiller 28 1
[Videos] Tranny Bane vs Jihadi Bond taxed 15 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] President Trump and Marxist McConnell call for full repeal! taxed 250 18
[CPF Disqus Topics] Our Disqus channel taxed 46 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] George Clooney puts lib hypocrisy on full display taxed 102 5
[Movies] Zombie Movie Creator George A. Romero Dead Ghoulardi 20 0
[Science and Technology] Green Energy Horror = Wealth Hoofer 37 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Scorched earth is the new American politics. RPTPatriot 46 0
[MSM Distraction News] $1 million of pot found in Fords made in Mexico, shipped to Ohio walkstall 25 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] US political infighting is the threat to US national interests in the world AltonWillareal 102 5
[Jokes] Forget Dog and Cats walkstall 71 1
[TV] Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau dies at 89 walkstall 21 1
[Science and Technology] Stupid Lib "Right To Repair Laws Solar 43 0
[TV] BBC Reveals The First Female Dr. Who Ghoulardi 25 1
[MSM Distraction News] Delta Bumps Coulter. Hoofer 48 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Would Hildabeast rule any differently? quiller 155 9
[Political Discussion and Debate] Lefties Freaking out over Trump. Hoofer 278 17
[MSM Distraction News] Senate health care vote stalls due to McCain surgery quiller 131 12
[Jokes] It does not always work. walkstall 46 1
[Science and Technology] Mark Levin no-more Hoofer 44 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] 7/13 Interview with President Trump taxed 72 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] 24 ‘Republicans’ Who Shamefully Voted to Force Taxpayers... walkstall 204 14
[Jokes] A gun lover Hoofer 50 0
[Science and Technology] Global Warming VS Trees Hoofer 32 0
[Jokes] Union sues over goats' competition quiller 71 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Senate Has A Health Insurance Bill supsalemgr 324 17
[Science and Technology] Designer Soldier Hoofer 120 6
[Sports] McGregor vs Mayweather - August 26th taxed 49 0
[The Living Room] Memory naleta 92 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Proof: Dims Colluding With Russians To Hurt Trump Solar 390 16
[Jokes] Selfies quiller 81 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] McConnell delays start of Senate's August recess walkstall 198 13
[Political Discussion and Debate] John McStain: Time for GOP to Get in Bed With Democrats on Healthcare Solar 221 9
[Jokes] Solving an old guy's problem. PeterR 81 2
[MSM Distraction News] Trump Launched An Energy Revolution While Everyone Was Obsessing On His Tweets walkstall 88 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards walkstall 162 10
[Healthy Living] You’ll never want to use a reusable water bottle again walkstall 78 0
[MSM Distraction News] These are the most climate-damaging foods Ms.Independence 250 16
[Political Discussion and Debate] GEE WERE WE WRONG stewball 150 4
[Right Minds Forum] The Conservative Front blackbanter 108 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] The Conservative Front blackbanter 294 17
[Jokes] What difference? quiller 94 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] The Podesta-Russia connection taxed 493 22
[Political Discussion and Debate] DNC data server a key in Russia probe quiller 172 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Liberals ARE Big Government Hoofer 180 7
[Political Discussion and Debate] CNN Loses Viewers, Advertisers To Follow Solar 207 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Oregon: free abortions even for illegals! quiller 98 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump, Putin agree on Syria cease-fire quiller 176 8
[Financial] June Job Report - Very Good supsalemgr 112 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] How Many Jobs Does Obamacare Kill? Ghoulardi 88 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Seattle fires research team that proved minimum wage hike would hurt low-wage wo Bronx 153 9
[Political Discussion and Debate] Global Warming Study Canceled After Humiliating Discovery Bronx 142 4
[Financial] Microsoft to Lay Off Thousands walkstall 75 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements walkstall 101 4
[MSM Distraction News] The moment Bush learned of 9/11 attacks quiller 272 17
[Miscellaneous] Child Health: Vaccinations For 11 Diseases Mandatory walkstall 99 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] PBS Poll: More Americans Trust Trump Than Trust The Media Ghoulardi 65 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Congress to cut year's worth of regs taxed 106 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Temperature Adjustments Account For Nearly All Global Warming Data Ghoulardi 78 2
[Music] Funny hfishjr81 97 4
[Miscellaneous] Montana earthquake: 5.8 walkstall 47 0
[Science and Technology] MIT students design autonomous aircraft that can stay aloft for five days. walkstall 73 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] There's complete mess in Ukraine Marie 96 3
[Jokes] Bernie! quiller 52 0
[Jokes] Hey CNN, how does it feel to be the most ridiculed name in news? walkstall 57 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] How did CNN locate the meme creator? taxed 173 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump hfishjr81 1105 115
[Political Discussion and Debate] Austria to send troops and armoured vehicles to border... walkstall 137 9
[Political Discussion and Debate] Mueller's pro-Dems "all star" team quiller 61 2
[Financial] Median Price in the US for Homes Solar 99 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Illinois hikes taxes 32%, overrides veto quiller 187 11
[MSM Distraction News] Teachers' union won't work with Trump quiller 153 4
[MSM Distraction News] Did anyone see this? 2 British policemen humiliate trying to stop a "refugee" zlando 101 4
[MSM Distraction News] California Democrats Face Death Threats Because They Can’t Deliver ... mrclose 44 0
[MSM Distraction News] Greg Gutfeld Reminds Chelsea Clinton That Hillary Isn’t President mrclose 140 7
[Political Discussion and Debate] Polls supsalemgr 212 12
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